2 Hard to Love

Stacy- "I..."

And most people when they don't get an answer they regret it but I don't I will find a way for her to love me and for her to kiss me!

"It is ok if you don't like me I'm just telling you that I like you"

Stacy- "no...but...I...kinda....sorry" *runs away*

But at that point is when I knew she didn't want to do anything with me...at least that's what I thought...

The next day I started getting friends their names were James,Carlos,Josh, and Chase

And I noticed that Stacy had a friend as well but only 1 and I wanted for her to be my friend but every time I stared at her or even tried to talk to her she stared away...

But that day during PE I told Josh about my crush with Stacy and he wanted to help me out.. So what we first did was go tell James, Carlos, and Chase and they agreed on our plan!...

So that next day we started getting ready...

"Ok so today is going to be the day you and Stacy are going to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend ohhh!!" Said Chase *everyone started laughing* "Well I hope so" I said then we started getting ready we stood in the middle of the hallway with the flowers and chocolate and waited there until we saw Stacy with her friend coming.

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*15 min later*

Then we saw her coming and got ready one behind the other...

"Stacy hi, so I know we haven't been the best of people to other and I don't think you want to know about me but I want to let you know that I ... Lo..Like you and i was hoping you would like to be my Girlfriend?"

*they all come out with the flowers and chocolate*


Stacy- wait! Daniela stop!... please

"Stacy what!" Daniels said

Stacy- I also like you


Stacy - as a friend...


if you would like to be friends and get to know each other that would be great but I don't really want to do stuff right now sorry"

William (me)- "Uh..yea! Sure I would like to be friends"

"You have been friend zoned!" Josh whispered

Daniela- "cmon let's go Stacy"

Stacy- " sorry William"

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