1 The fall (proluge)

It was just like any day in emerald village. quiet pleasant with laughter and the sounds of music brong a sense of calm to the atmosphere. The clouds had their usual weird shapes and from time the kids in the village would envision wonderful ideas to give names to some of the shapes of the clouds for fun. This was to give the general idea of how free they was to have the time to think, or to wonder, to explore, to exercise their imagination. little did emerald village know is that darkness was not so far away looming in a distance was a horror that would come and destroy the peace and the stability that they had come to love so much. leaving only a few who would survive to carry on the legacy and preserve the essence of earth. This is their power and responsibility. their source of life and birth right, an inheritance given at the beginning of creation. their eyes would show their lineage and would glow a light green when focused on manifestation and control shaping and forming the earth. building and cultivation of land and their family grew. they were given a great power so great it made other families jealous. so jealous they plotted their destruction and so it was that darkness would be born in the hearts of men and corrupt their souls changing their nature and removing their divinity and source of power.

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