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kingdom of Eflington


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Welcome reader to a story in the kingdom of Eflington. Of a boy who became a man. Firstly, lets talk about the kingdom of Eflington. Ruled by the Eflington family, a cold and hard King sits upon the throne. His name is King Charles James of Eflington he was once thought of as one of the greatest kings, his wife died 14 years ago, and times have change after that eventful day. The kingdom is split into 5 provinces. The centre ruled by the royal family in the capital Eflie. The northern province home to the Kinihurst mountains governed by the Northlow family in Kinihurst city. Beyond is the barbarians of the Haegdith clan who lead raids into the kingdom. In the western province lays the Hascoln pastures, in the city of Hascoln the Farnvine house govern the province. Beyond lays the kingdom of Wruseon. In the south is the great Southpoint Harbour governed by the noble Sivasi house, also the Hastcroft Naval base who protect the kingdom from the pirate islands. Finally, to the Eastern province governed by the Eastwood House in Dalgami, Deep in the Dalgami Forrest. Beyond is the kingdom of Agreris. So, there you have its enemies to the north and south, rivals to east and west, surrounding a cold throne in which a miserable king sits upon his throne. Shall I begin?