12 Fall of The Titans

After they had been freed Hades tasked the three Cyclopes: Arges, Brontes, and Steropes, to forge weapons for him, Zeus, and Poseidon, giving them whatever materials they needed to forge these powerful weapons.

The Cyclopes were once revered for their craftsmanship, both in the matters of war and peace, they had helped create the great Scythe of Cronos with the help of their mother Gaia who had given them the necessary energies they used to shape the weapon.

They had also been the chief architects of Cronos and with the help of the Hekatonchires who had been the main workforce, this meant that they knew every single path and weakness of Othrys and since divine beings rarely if ever forgot anything, they still remembered all of that and rapidly told their savior about it who thanked them for the information.

The forging of the weapons took place in Tartarus, as the flames of the River Phlegethon were the only ones they deemed appropriate enough, both for the necessary heat and the magical properties of the river.

For their savior and the one they had pledged their loyalty to, they forged a set of spiked chains with two hooks at the end of each that glowed pale purple, they could attack at both long and short-range a balanced weapon reach, they could rip the souls of their enemies, and empower both them and the user by transferring the soul's energy to both the weapon and the user.

But they thought that this might not be enough, so they forged another, this one was a helmet that was tied to the concept of fear, something that would come to play a pivotal role in the future.

For Poseidon, they forged a mighty trident that was attuned to both the earth and the seas. For Zeus they forged a golden lightning bolt, it was attuned to the Living Lighting of the Skyland and was the closest to the pure form of the primordial lighting.

The weapons took many months to be completed, for the Cyclopes did not want any imperfections in the weapons, especially the ones meant to the one who freed them from that hell. When they were finished the Titanomachy had reached its next and final year.


It was the last battle of the Titanomachy. All of the forces of the two sides had gathered for the final conflict between the Olympians and the Titans, Cronos himself had joined the battlefield, accompanied by the rest of the forces that were loyal to him.

Little did he know that this would be the last battle he would fight for a very long time.

Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon led the charge against the Titans, clashing against the Rulers of The World, the battle was more intense than all others. Helios descended from the sky burning his enemies with the flame of a thousand different suns, making even the immortal's immense regenerative powers stop their healing process.

Oceanus created immense lakes and conjured constructs that attacked the ones he was fighting against, he was helped by Poseidon who created immensely large tidal waves that pushed the enemy Titans back.

The fighting continued for many days neither side giving the other a single step. The greatest fighters of both sides, Hades and Atlas, fought against each other every blow exchanged between the two causing lands to warp.

Cronos used his powers to give his forces an edge against the Olympians, warping time to become slower on the Olympians and faster on the Titans, age the attacks sent against him to their next phase, the water became steam, fire became smoke, earth to dust, etc.

The battle was soon about to take a different turn when the Cyclops arrived in a blaze of fire carrying three bundles. Seeing this the three Olympian brothers moved towards their position, arriving in just a few seconds.

The three Cyclopes unraveled the hidden weapons. Zeus and Poseidon had immediately grabbed theirs, relishing the feeling of power they gave them, Hades paused before grabbing his weapons leaving the confusion on the back of his mind for now.

With their new weapons, they rejoined the fight, their powers elevated beyond what they were before, Hades claws struck against many enemies as he expertly controlled each of them like they were part of his own body, Poseidon launched great bolts of water, lighting, and ice, against his enemies, Zeus used his master bolt as a way to enhance his powers over the Living Lighting.

The tide turned in favor of the Olympians, and the Titans felt the way that the wind was blowing but still refused to admit defeat.


Cronos, the King of The Titans, was getting increasingly desperate. Everything was going wrong, he was so sure of his chances back then, he arrogantly did not decide to look into the future timelines, but they had changed when Atlas and Kreios had returned badly wounded.

After that, he had looked into the future... and felt true terror for the first time in his life.

Cronos instincts screamed at him and he dodged, barely escaping two sets of claws that would have carved his flesh open. Looking behind him he saw Hades. The parts of his face that were not covered in his dark helmet were burning, painting a fearsome sight that would make the hearts of normal gods beat wildly.

"You dodged, good, I wanted you to hear what I have to say before I took you down for good" His voice had changed becoming more deeper and demonic. An effect of the helm.

Then everything became dark, and it was not a common type of darkness, but more like what would happen to space if there was not even a single photon present in it, but even then Cronos could still see his own body as clear as day. "Tell me, Father, I heard that you could peer into the future, watching different timelines to achieve your objective" Hades mocking voice seemed to have been coming from all around Cronos, as he desperately tried to find the location of his eldest.

"So tell me, Father, in these different timelines that you saw, in how many of them did you win?" Cronos's response was to fire waves of energy that could age a mountain into dust in just three seconds, they vanished almost instantly. Hades laughed whether because of his attack or his response or rather his lack of response.

"None right? Now tell me, in these timelines how many of them did you survive?" Cronos's attacks became more erratic and desperate as he desperately searched for a way to escape "Same as before I think them?"

Chains erupted all around him, binding Cronos to the spot he was, it was then that Hades appeared, in his hands were his claws and the fire inside in his helmet providing the only light in the lightless space.

"Like it? I figured out how to manipulate the chains attached to my weapons, and create these lovely little things, I took inspiration from the ones you put on your brothers that were loyal to you, which I have to admit, by the way, that is low even for me" Hades explained as he walked closer and closer to his father who desperately tried to free himself with no results "Oh, don't worry I won't kill you at least not yet, you are going to be my test subject on this"

Hades then released the power of his helmet, a wave of pure fear permeated the entire space, enough fear to drive civilizations mad was concentrated on Cronos, who nearly went insane (Well more than he already was anyway). And as the power of fear was pumped into his mind, Cronos saw two yellow claws appear on Hades' shoulders and a yellow light that was steadily rising in its intensity.

"ATLAS!!!" Cronos shouted, just as he saw a leering demonical face staring right at him. There was a tremor, and then the dark space shattered and blue first hit Hades armored face sending flying to a nearby hill. The chains that held the King of The Titans disappeared alongside the possible illusion.

Cronos fell to his knees painting in sheer mental and physical exhaustion, he nearly went completely insane, he did not notice how the wave of fear had spread itself across the battlefield, making minor gods and Titans faint in terror.

Hades returned to their location in the blink of an eye, staring with annoyance at Atlas and curiosity at the near-catatonic Cronos. "This was the last time you interfered in my affairs Atlas" Hades' words were followed by a rumble, and the earth beneath Atlas broke apart revealing 300 hundred arms, the Hecatonchire had arrived at the battle at last.

Atlas was the physically strongest of the Titans but not even he could defeat three enraged Hecatonchires, he was defeated in an instant, his body brutalized by the three older beings, with Cottus going even as far as to rip one of his arms from its socket, causing Atlas to scream in agony.

He was then forced to kneel to Hades who calmly approached him and swiped his claws in his direction. The two hooks dug not only into Atlas's body but also on his divine soul, Hades then pulled, and a purple ethereal version of Atlas appeared before being pulled towards Hades who absorbed it into his body. Atlas felt a empty feeling that would never be corrected, and Hades felt his physical strength and resistance towards many types of attacks increase.

"Filthy Titans, I banish you all to the darkest pit of Tartarus!" A rather familiar figure which Hades found to be Zeus, said as he plowed a very familiar blade into the ground, which caused a huge gust of wind that covered the entire battlefield, when his vision returned Hades found that all of the enemy Titans had vanished.

Hades was so shocked by the sight of the Blade of Olympus that he didn't hear a laughter ring out that came from the earth itself.

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