The streets of Ilaya were littered by the darkest shadows and the coldest winds that went over from the sea.

It was supposed to be the night of a full moon, but the clouds barricaded the sky, as if not wanting grace to touch the town's grounds. Deep in the night where few wander, one of the town's alleys had something eventful going on. A robed figure was pointing a wand to nothingness in the corner he was facing. If one saw this, he could be deemed insane.

"Give up, Azazel. You're weak and won't be able to resist much longer." A man clad in red robes said, making a gesture with a wand held lazily by his slender hands that beckoned a conjuring of a spell. His face was hidden in his hood but his eyes shone like sharp talons. His voice was like the wind, silent yet chilling.

"All we need is your will and this will all be over."

"You heretics from the synagogues... hahaha..."

This time, it was a figure in black cloth that was speaking. It was to be described as an enigma, with no hint of humanity found in it. The entity was emanating black miasma that further made it more mystical than it already was. It's voice was hoarse, seemingly speaking in a high and low tone, like those unfortunate to be possessed by the devils. The divine being was unseen by the naked eye, as the weak of heart could never witness it's divinity. "You dare speak to someone of higher existence than you!"

The warlock let out a snicker and then a sigh. "Are you in the situation where your divinity could matter? Look at you, weak and weary."

A few words were muttered and a red light shone from his wand. Its tip that was decorated with a green stone gave of a bolt that immediately reached the entity in black. Groans of pain brought by the curse was let out by it.

"E... even using a curse in front of a messenger of god, blasphemy!" It said, struggle and exhaustion apparent from it's voice. "You will all burn in hell!"

Suddenly, the entity burst, and the miasma dispersed out to the air. The man in red took out a purple box the size of a palm and opened it, revealing what seemed like an infinite void inside. Slowly, the miasma was absorbed into the box. The more miasma it contained, the redder the box became as it gave off continuous flashes of light. As soon as it had no more to absorb, a 'click' was heard and the box was closed.

"So soon, huh? I didn't think it will be this quick. Willingly giving its power to a mortal, the messengers truly have weakened, in pride and in vitality." The warlock looked at the red box before putting it in his pockets. "The Goddess will be pleased."

In a wave of the wand and a mutter of a few words, the man disappeared into thin air. The town of Ilaya returned to it's quiet state, and the clouds finally gave way for the moonlight to touch the land. No one in that town would have suspected that a murder of a divine being ever occurred.

At that time, all the crows awoke from their sleep and cried. That night marked an event in the history if mortals and immortals—Death has been subdued.





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