King of the Blue Lands Book

novel - Fantasy

King of the Blue Lands


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Arthur Halo is saved from drowning by a man who calls himself his butler. As he is saved he retrieves his memories of living another life, one on a planet called Earth and he is soon asked by this man, his butler to become the new master of the Blue Lands Dungeon, a dungeon so abysmal that commoners could complete it and have, on occasions it was discovered. Arthur Halo accepts, and Blue Lands Dungeon gives him a quest which if he completes he can return to his world, ‘Make Blue Lands Dungeon the Strongest!’ *Note: I don't think I am consistent writer/updater but I'll try to keep up. *Note 2: It does start a little slow I think, I'm not that sure what's considered a slow start but I infer this.