65 Blue Pole Star Vanished?!

After some time, both of them calmed down.

Wang Lei was sitting at the hilt of the sword and was reading manga when both – Yun Che and Yun Canghui – walked towards him and bowed.

"Thank you for saving my grandfather and letting me meeting him." Yun Che said.

Even if it was part of the deal, he still felt grateful towards Wang Lei. Without him, who knew whether he would have been able to meet Canghui. For that, he was really grateful to him.

Wang Lei closed the manga as it vanished and looked towards them, "It was part of the deal; now it is your turn."

Yun Che hearing him took the Mirror of Samsara from his neck and passed it towards Wang Lei.

Wang Lei caught it, and it vanished in his palm.

Yun Canghui, when he saw this, became surprised. He could not believe that the treasure they have been guarding since ancient times become part of the deal for saving him.

He wanted to complain but remained quiet since it was exchanged for his life.

Wang Lei looked towards him and said, "Do not be dissatisfied, old man. Every deal should be carried out, whether one likes it or not. It was Yun Che, who had the ownership of the mirror and not your Yun Clan. You people have long lost it."

Canghui wanted to retort, but before he could, Wang Lei spoke, "Though even if it was not the part of the deal, I would have still taken it, and if someone stood in my way," he narrowed his eyes, "Meet God; Slay God, Meet Devil; Slay Devil."

After he finished, the air becomes stagnated as everyone felt terror rushed through their spine. None dared to look straight into his eyes that felt like could pierce the moment someone gazed at them.

Wang Lei smiled as his aura vanished from the surroundings.

"But that is the talk if you want to retaliate and take the mirror back."

Yun Canghui, hurriedly, shook his head. He was sweating hard. He did not want to mess with the monster like Wang Lei.

"You two can reunite and share your experiences with each other; after the Guild Tournament, I will leave for Illusionary Demon Realm and take you both with me." Wang Lei said.

Hearing him, both bowed and left. Canghui really wanted to talk with Yun Che as fast as possible and wanted to inquire about Wang Lei.

But after hearing his exploits, Canghui will come to know that Wang Lei was not a person to mess with.

After done with everything, Wang Lei left with the girls. Jasmine also leaves with him as she wanted to give Yun Che and his grandfather sometime alone.


In the vast space, that if one gazed would make one feel ant in comparison. There was nothing here.

It was the place where once a beautiful planet existed.

It consisted mostly of water with little land; nonetheless, it was beautiful.

But now it was gone, leaving a 'gaping hole' where it once stood. It just vanished without anyone knowing when.

Usually, when a star or planet is destroyed, the residue energy released from it is enough to alert others around it.

Even those far from it could feel fluctuations in space because of the destruction of big mass.

But that was not the case here since it vanished silently. To those nearby planets, it felt like it was an illusion.

In this space, two women stood. Both were beauties out of this world, enough to charm even immortals.

One of them looked like as if the painting of an immortal fairy. With her cold and indifferent look, it felt like no one would ever have lust full thoughts of her. But her eyes still could not hide her muddled emotions.

Other women looked slightly childish, making her cute and adorable. She had an exquisite figure, crystal-like eyes, and face resembling first snow. She was surrounded by tinny icy spirits.

Both stood in space, not effected in the slightest – indicating that both were in the Divine Realm.

The girl that had little childishness on her face asked with worry, "Are you alight, master?" Only silence answered her.

She was worried about her master. She knew her master had certain feelings for the planet that once stood here. She would always come to visit it from time to time, just like today. But who knew that the star would vanish.

Her master silently looked at the hollow space. Her mind was filled with different questions, making her jumbled minded.

What is going on? What happened here? How did the Blue Pole Star vanish without anyone knowing? Who destroyed it, and why?

Such thoughts filled her mind as she tried to find the answers for them.

"Is it related to the mysterious Guild?" She mumbled to herself.

She has been to Blue Pole Star many times before. At one time, she came across this mysterious organization.

Becoming interested in it, she tried to research and observe it from the shadows. The more she looked at this organization, the more confused and excited she become.

Confused as she could not conjecture the truth behind this organization. She was in the Divine Realm. Finding the truth about an organization on a mortal planet should have been as easy as eating, yet all of her efforts were in vain.

No matter how much she researched it, she could not find any clue about the hidden master that was running this organization.

At the same time, she was excited.

As the things that this organization that called themselves Guild provided were tremendous and beyond her beliefs.

The things that the Guild provided were as rare as Absolute Fruit of Beginning in the God Realm. She was excited at the belief of bringing this mysterious organization to their planet.

She was poisoned by a devilish poison. It hunted her for hundreds of years; not finding any cure, she has long lost her hopes.

But when she saw the miraculous things that Guild sold, she thought of trying it.

Thinking here, she personally visited the Guild and posted her request directly to the Guild.

She did not have much hope, but she still thought of trying it, and to her surprise, Guild provided her with the cure.

The staff member's behavior perplexed her as when she posted the request, they started to talk with someone named 'System'. After talking for some time, a pallet appeared in front of them that they passed to her.

Doubtful she was, but still took it.

At first, she did not felt any change; but soon felt her body relaxing as if the burden she was carrying for such a long time vanished – she was cured!

She could not believe herself. She was cured! The poison that hunted her for thousands of years, whose cure they could not find, was cured.

She was jubilant… and scared. Yes, she was scared of the 'dark hand behind the curtain' who was running this mysterious organization.

To provide with such miraculous medicines, all she could think was that whoever was behind it, must be powerful beyond belief.

Thinking here, she thought of joining the Guild since she could not find the master, maybe joining it may help her.

But when she applied to join, the staff member said something that astonished her.

"We are sorry, but the Guild is not open for outer stars yet. Once it is opened for other stars, you will be informed."

This time she was really scared. How did they know that she was not from this star? This mystified her. She could not get the answer.

But since she could not join, she thought of telling her findings to her sister. She was stronger and smarter than her. Maybe she can find what she could not.

But who knew that once she left to find her sister, it only took half a year, and the whole star vanished. With no prior knowledge or any indication of it happening, it just vanished as if it never existed – all she saw was just an illusion.

So she deduced, Guild can be behind it. Erasing a whole star without anyone knowing, maybe that mysterious organization was the only one who could do it.

Taking a deep breath, she said, "We shall leave; I have to inform my sister. Whoever did this, for whatever purpose, we need to find it. Who knows what hidden danger they are to the God Realm."

The other girl, when listened to her master, nodded.

Soon, after staring at the void for some time, they left.

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