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King Of Earth (Loki AU Fanfic)


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When Theodora was born she spent the majority of her life in China with her mom. Her mom called her Theo most of the time instead of Theodora. She can barely speak English. Agent May has tried to teach it to her, but Theo found it very hard to completely understand it. When Agent May was transferred to the US to work for SHIELD (which Theodora had no idea what her mom did for a living until Loki took over and became King of Earth) around 2008. Theodora did her College classes online and graduated around the time the attack on New York happened. She majored in Fashion Design and was hoping her future would a job in being a famous Fashion Designer or at least a Model. The attack on New York changed everything for her. The next thing she knew...he mom was an agent of SHIELD and King Loki wouldn't stop hunting her down until he finally had her.