1 Dreams

It has been raining all day in the southern part of Silverland and a woman was seating near the fire place with a sleeping child on her back, nitting a sweater for her little one while humming a song to the child, when someone opened the door and came into the house. It was her husband and he was soaked with water since it's been raining all day and even the umbrella he took was of no use. Putting the child who was about six years old on the bed, she walked towards her husband with a towel in her hand. "Oh my, you're drenched, how was the meeting? What did the Elders say" she asked wiping the water off him.

Leaning forward to leave a kiss on the woman's cheek he said"He said he's going to look into the matter"

"They better, the people are dieing everyday, the higher ups should look into it. They don't think the disease will spare them because of their titles" the woman said with an annoyed look. For the past 6 months a disease had broken out which had taken the lives of many. Being one of the few noble families in their area they had taken it upon themselves to take care of the people. Providing shelter to the orphaned kids and food to those who can not afford. Right now they were in an inn. They had travelled a long way from the West were they resided to the south to attend the meeting held by the elders to properly address the matter of the disease.

"Veronica, calm down everything is going to be alright" the man said to his wife placing his cold hands on her jaw, when their daughter who had woken up right after her mom put her on the bed, sneezed.

Her mother Veronica turned to look at her and said "Seems like your daughter has finally caught a cold Adrien" she said with a serious face. The girl had been playing under the rain even after her mom warned her not to.

"Is that so, come here my princess, we'll fix that right away with the medicine I brought, just in case such a thing like this happened, come over here Adriel, Adriel, Adriel... the voice faintly echoed in the girls head as she woke up from her dream to see her nanny beside her.

"Dreamt of your parents again" the woman asked to have her nod. The couple died two years after the disease out break leaving the kid with her nanny, bodyguard and the butler who were her guardians.

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