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"Stop running Adriele", he said walking towards her. "I wasn't going to run," she said taking a step back. "Then why did you leave the palace today without your guards," he said cornering her, with his hands on the wall on each side of her body. He scanned her from head to toe. Noticing this Adriele pushed him away "Pervert" "Me?" Darren asked as if not knowing what she meant, "how can I be a pervert, we're getting married in a month" "Yes, in a month not yet" she retorted. Only to have him laugh and say "Are you sad? we could get married right now" he said looking at his surrounding, then with a smile he said, "there is a church here already, so..." How did I end up with this narcissist man, Adriele thought to herself? The truth was when Darren came back home and couldn't find her, he went to search for her whereabouts. When he found out that she went to the church, he was worried about her. On his way home he had heard some guards and people talking about a commotion that took place in the morning at the market and there were injured victims. And the church was near the market. He had thought of the worst. No one hurts or touches what is his. -------------- Adriele is a young orphan girl with a special talent for healing as she knows how to use herbs to cure any disease because of this talent she is forced into marriage by Prince/ King Darren to cure his brother's illness. As Adriele takes on the title of Queen she discovers the reason behind her parent's death is not what she thought, in the journey to find out the truth she gradually develops feelings for her husband, who backs her up. Will their marriage pull through? Will they find out the truth? Is everything what it seems?


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