1 1. The way of the Weeb...


(Lusyr Dice)

It was a fairly ordinary day for our young handsome weeb who was browsing through his phone on a clear sunny day. He was out of his little plane of oblivion after over a full 6 months. If it had not been for the ritualistic call of weebs called Anime Conventions, he might have never left the comfort of his throne. His girlfriend, who is also his roommate, is a famous streamer and Youtuber and has set up a booth at this convention to sell some merchandise and meet her fans. This was the main reason why he simply could not avoid it.

On his way to the venue, our protagonist decided to take a shortcut and go through the desolate back alley near the graveyard. That is where he encountered a rather troublesome enemy… that's right… street dogs!

With a single howl, more than a dozen dogs gathered at the scene. Their target -> The strange man wearing Guts's Berserker Armour cosplay from Berserk. Our protagonist, Lusyr does not falter even when the odds are stacked against him as he draws his giant black metal coated blade. (A true anime fan will always only wear authentic cosplay. The sword isn't completely made of metal but it did have a bit of metal coated on it.)

"Come!" With a single shout, Lusyr challenged the pack. After all, running away wasn't an option after wearing the armor. It would be an insult to the legend who's armor he was wearing if he ran away from a bunch of dogs. The glistening metal-coated sword rammed against the dogs sending two flying. However… that was it. The rest of the dogs quickly swarmed him as they tried to dig through his metal-coated costume. Alas, their efforts proved futile as the young man once again emerged victorious. The metal-coated armor was too tough for the dogs and none could get their teeth in. Our protagonist once again showed his courage as he picked up a random dog and slammed it against the walls. The sheer display of power should have been more than enough to send the pack routing. However, the alpha was here...

The massive dog was more than two times as big as the others and it's glistening auburn eyes held a hint of madness. It charged at our protagonist at full speed while aiming for the head. However, at the last second, it jumped at the nearby wall and attacked the leg. Our protagonist was caught off guard by the sudden change of tactics as he immediately lost balance and fell to the floor. The rest of the pack swarmed at the now incapacitated prey ready to rip him to shreds. Following the leader's actions, they started biting into the gaps in the armor, shredding it to pieces.

It was when all hope seemed lost that our protagonist remembered his idols and the legends that taught him to never give up! Clenching his sword, our protagonist pushed away all the dogs in a single burst of strength. With his back against the wall and his little cosplay armor mostly torn, Lusyr knew that a single bite would be enough to finish him. Several bite marks and deep wounds had already covered his lean ripped muscles. He had trained hard to pull off this cosplay. From hours of hard training to a disciplined diet... He had pushed through it all… He had even followed Saitama's training regiment for almost half a year. Yet now he stands at the death's door, fighting for his life against a pack of mindless dogs that have turned aggressive after years of eating from the trash cans.

Pushing the dark thoughts to the back of his mind, Lusyr focused his eyes on the enemy. He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing.

("Remember… Remember their teachings… when all odds are stacked against you, and all hope seems lost. Look deep within yourself… you will find the strength needed to push forward. Just like they did… Yes… that's right… Remember who you are… Remember why you stand here… Remember why you fight… yes… that's right…")

"I… I… I… AM A WEEB!!!"

With a loud scream, Lusyr charged at the pack. His mind reaching a Zen-like focus and body hitting its maximum potential. With a single swing, our protagonist broke his sword against the pack of howling dogs. Instantly killing many. Clenching his fist, Lusyr charged at the dogs punching and kicking anything that moved. Lusyr himself wasn't even aware of what he was doing as his body had seemingly started moving on its own. It emulated the countless hours of fight scenes on its own, turning the once helpless lad into a killing machine. Even with countless wounds covering his body, the young weeb refused to give up. His bloodshot eyes now stared down the Alpha who seemed surprised at the sudden change in aura of his prey.


The two circled each other before suddenly charging in a burst of godlike speed leaving a puff of dust with each step. Fangs blaring, the alpha jumped at the boy's head who coiled his arm for a devastating uppercut.

Lusyr had done it… the punch connected with the dog's soft underbelly. However, the dog had done it as well… with the enemy's neck in his jaw, he had won!

("No… I can't lose… I have yet to see so many anime... So many mangas still left unread… I-")


Pushing his fist further in, the boy lifted the giant dog up in the air. He then held it in his arms before bringing it all down in an ultimate finish. Falling on the ground, now out of strength, Lusyr started laughing.

"Ha… ha... Hahaha… I- think I get it now... Kenpachi Zaraki… Hisoka… Goku… all those other guys as well… I think- beugh-" He coughed a bit of blood but continued smiling. "I think… I finally understand why you love fighting so much…"

Just as our handsome protagonist was enjoying the afterglow of his fight, his vision turned dark. The last thing he remembers is the sound of a Trucks engine and the smell of burning tires.


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