Killing Kei: Shotgun from the Sky Book

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Killing Kei: Shotgun from the Sky


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Ghilo was tired of the Hopsch life. The Hopsch, a race of three to four feet tall rabbits, were proud and peaceful in their purpose as Time Keepers. The dangers the current war brought sparked interest but weren't enough to keep him in the safety of the Burrows. He thought the dull life, worse than a wet rag, could kiss his fluffy tuft tail. Wide-eyed on other people's paths through viewing their memories, Ghilo wanted to find his own path. There was an innocent hunger within that made him wonder... Would freedom taste as good as carrots? *This is the 1st of 4 one-shots before I get to the main story. The 2nd is already up and called Killing Kei: Dark Helmets in a Light Room. If you're interested, check it out~ https://ko-fi.com/theychimirollin


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