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Killing Kei: Shotgun from the Sky


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Engaging story! I hope Ghilo is the main character of the main story because he seems badass! I also love how the rabbits in the story appear to be a bit more serious and feral while being unintentionally cute and fluffy with their clothes lol. Even though this is a prequel one-shot, it got me interested in the main story's world building. Kudos to the author! [img=recommend]


Very interesting read! Characters are very engaging and the story builds up nicely. As a reader, I’ve often had difficulty imagining different worlds in writing so my typical choices have always been reality-based fiction. However, this read came easy to me. The author’s choice of words immediately painted a picture. I would like to see a bit more background into the other character references mentioned. Looking forward to reading more of this author! Great job and keep going!


Ohh I see now, so these one-shots are character backstories! I first discovered the 2nd story before this one lol. I didn't have a hard time reading because it was written very well, no grammatical problems whatsoever. (Or if there were, I didn't notice them at all) Author shows a lot of promise and I think this is a story worth following. Keep it up!


Intrigued by the premise of this web novel and where it's headed! Can't wait for the next chapter. Particularly interested to learn more about the Hopsch and their role throughout history. I just wish the author took more time to describe the Burrow and the surrounding world. Would love to fully immerse myself in it. Also, maybe some character sketches? I'd love to see what the Hopsch look like!! Especially, Raloc and his top hat! 🎩


This story is lit! I gotta say I'm impressed! Good job author! With talent and skill accompanied with hard work, this will fare well in the future! Good luck with your work and May you be blessed!.....BTW, I am from Review swap thread. good luck reviewing!


Very fascinating story with lots of potential. World-building is topnotch and opens up to limitless possibilities, and we've barely scratched the surface (and barely down the rabbit hole) with this one-shot. Can't wait to learn more about the Hopsch and the Timekeepers, and how they interact with humans and other factions.


A nicenpacen read with well written characters. I liked the humour in the story. And had the right amount of drama that kept me wanting to see what happened next


Superb writing! This was a gem of a find on this site. If this webnovel had physical pages, it would be a page-turner. Characters were well built up o the outset, allowing the reading to have an emotional connection with them to last throughout the ride. The premises of this new world highlighting the Hopsch's role in the world were skillfully laid out. You don't need to love fantasy and/or rabbits to know that this is a good read. Can't wait for the next installment! Kudos to the author!


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