20 Tournament Arc Begins, First Opponent

(??? POV)

Excitedly, I run up to the Counter with my sect mates to get our opponents for our first match in the once in a Century Pre-Spirit Root Competition, or otherwise Known as the Youth Martial Tournament.

As we line up to receive them from the grumpy looking old man behind the counter I can't help but feel a jolt of excitement flow through me.

To think this tournament would be my first stage, where I will be able to showcase my talent to the many Great Families and Mighty sects; who will die of envy as they notice that I am already part of the Mighty and Majestic Myriad Dao Palace, and the sect's status will rise from, a sect that is said to be the Fourth Mighty sect, into the biggest powerhouse!

I will also prove to everyone in the younger generation, that I will be someone to think twice about, before posturing.

As the rest of my fellow Daoists receive theirs nervously, I take mines with utmost confidence; How could i dare to be afraid of some mere stepping stone in my path to being a God?

I look at my soon to be first victim and first opponent in my martial path thinking how honored and fortunate he is to be able to be the first opponent of a future God.

i decide that i should honor my first opponent by at least attempting to see remember his name.

And what it read was...


(Bu Cai POV)

...Dai Huo

Although I was quite Isolated from the martial world and information, I still knew who Dai Huo was as people spoke with high expectations of him,

"Dai Huo is the best hope for the Myriad Dao Palace Sect to best one of the 3 great Sects and become famous"

"I heard Dai Huo has great comprehension and is already on the Acquired phase of basic sword arts!"

"Although he cannot compare to monstrous prodigies such as Long Tian of the Long family, Song Ju of the Song Family, or a girl named Xie Xinyi, who is said to have her basic sword arts at Adept just like Long Tian. He is definitely a Top-Tier individual of the younger generation."

Seeing that I had drawn him as an opponent, I couldn't help but feel my bad luck isn't as restricted as i had imagined...

(Dai Huo POV)

...Bu Cai

A no-name person from one of the many subsidiaries of the Sky Sword Sect.

Although I didn't want my opponent to be as strong as heirs of powerful forces, I at least wanted a satisfying Debut match, Alas it seems I am fated to rise by sweeping the garbage before being able to establish my dominance.

I told my fellow sect members who my opponent was, as they were curious, and they couldn't help but let out a disappointed sigh, due to them being unable to see a proper fight between me and someone who is my match.

I tell them that it is fine and ensure them that once I run into a worthy opponent, I will crush them for the prestige of the Myriad Dao Palace.

They all also complement me for my steady heart and say they will also do their best.

After deciding to walk around for a while, I see the person who i respect yet want to beat the most, Long Tian, followed by Yue Mei who is stunningly beautiful as always, and the person I love and want to protect as well as marry in the future, Long Xue.

My Xue'er is ravishingly beautiful just like all the other times I have met her, Her shiny and Clean Platinum Blond hair which has a certain radiance flows down behind her, She has deep blue eyes which are lively and joyful as always even though her illness brings her extreme pain, She has a beautiful face as if god created her personally.

I first saw her when i went to challenge Long Tian for the first time and my heart was instantly captivated by her, after finding about her illness i also promised to myself to heal her no matter what; as I can't let my future wife suffer.

I Instantly Approach them with a huge smile.


(Long Tian)

Whilst walking around with Xue'er and Mei'er after I drew my Token which had the name of one of the Lackey's of another Family's heir on it, I ran into someone who I had anticipated for a while now.

Dai Huo,

Although I don't Like him, after sparring with him a few times, he opened up to me and we became quite well acquainted with each other, I found him to be someone not bad, however I also noticed that he would be flustered and his face would turn bright red around my sister, i caught on and realised he was in love with my sister which caused me to beat him extra harshly when we sparred, this then made him a less frequent visitor however I do not regret it.

My Sister Is MINE!

As he approaches us he instantly greets us then turns to my sister and asks if she is fine and everything.

My sister is a bit surprised and replies politely,

I quickly shift the topic so that this dog stops hitting on my sister and ask,

"Brother Dai, Who did you get for your first match? I am against Chi Gou , The lackey of Chi Su."

Replying with a rather disappointed tone, "It's some no name called Bu Cai, He is the son of elders of a Sky Sword Sect subsidiary called Spirit Sword Sect. I was hoping for a good debut match however it seems I am not fated for it, *Sigh*.

With a smile I reply in an arrogant tone, "It's fine Brother Dai, i am sure you will be able to show your true strength shortly, however even if you do get past others, you will never be able to beat me so accept that you are going to be forever beneath me *Hmph*."

Replying with some arrogance of his own he says, "*Hmph* Brother Long you must be jesting on that second half, even though you are formidable, this young sovereign will defeat you this time and show Xue'er who can truly protect her!!"

My little sister was a bit surprised and blushed slightly from embarrassment.


My face couldn't help but form a frown, and i was about to refute him however he quickly cut in and said,

"Brother Long, the wind seems to be strong today and is starting to drift me away, hence I must take my leave and prepare for the tournament."

He then sprinted away with a tomato red face and I could't help but want to give him a beating for his shamelessness...

Next time I'll make sure he gets to learn a lot from the 'Spar'.

I then went to tease my sister and Mei'er more...


(Bu Cai POV)

My assigned match, is in a couple minutes, and finally that Dai Huo arrived, he wore a green robe and had black shoes. His skin was a light tone, has blond hair with a face that is handsome, but not overly handsome (Like me) and overall looks quite good.

Since this is no longer training time, i make sure to use [Analyse] on him and i find some interesting info on him...



[Name: Dai Huo ]

[Age: 8 ]

[Cultivation: Mortal ]

[Skills: (Sword Skills-Advanced), (Footwork-Advanced), (Battle Instinct-Intermediate), (Cooking-Intermediate), (Medicine-Intermediate) ]

[Background Story]

Dai Huo is someone who has been raised by one of the Myriad Dao Palace elders and has always treated the place as his home, once they found out how exceptionally talented he was, they taught him many different types of techniques to train him and he found out he loved the Sword and Footwork techniques.

As someone determined to make his Sect rise in prestige and bring honour to it he has always worked hard to improve himself.

He grew arrogant and challenged the rumored No.1 prodigy and was completely dominated, however instead of sulking or accepting his defeat, he continued to spar with Long Tian and they soon built a brotherly bond which lasts for Long Tian's whole time in the First Realm.

He Loves Long Xue very much but was always rejected.

Later falls in love with one of the saintess' of another force, She also ends up being in love with Long Tian.

After multiple failures, by the end of Long Tian's time in the first realm, he finds a beautiful wife who he will end up growing old with.

He also had reached his dream of having Myriad Dao Palace as the best sect, due to Long Tian's Influence and his hard work in improving his cultivation.

The end.

[Importance in Plot: E (Helps Long Tian a couple times, and also motivates and stays friends with Long Tian even after everyone abandoned him) ]


The Cliche, Protagonist's best friend and 'Brother' who is forgotten in the story because he isn't female, and exists just to exaggerate how much of a better man Long Tian is...

In fairness, his journey did seem somewhat intriguing for it being so short, maybe a side story?

'The Journey To Acquire Bitches'

Sounds like a better story then whatever the fuck Long Tian's is, however i can't help but feel sorry that many people he had loved were over infatuated with Long Tian.

Feels Bad.

Moving on, although this guy is relatively strong for his age, it's not like it is impossible to beat him.

After the Judge calls our name for arena 55, we both make our way on stage and he looks at me and says in a bland tone,

"Just give up as you will not stand a chance. I am just too magnanimous to hurt someone far weaker than I. Consider it mercy from the future Godking."

The Corners of my mouth twitch a little and just when i was about to reply he added,

"And do not fear, I will allow you to have a signature from me which you can keep as a family heirloom. Call it a gift from the future Godking."

This fucker...

I know i am a mob, but isn't this treatment a bit inhumane?

It's not only him who has instantly looked down on me,

Chang Wu, Shop owners of Smooreville, YM of smooreville, Long Tian and now this fucker as well.


To let out some of my grievances I must make meat paste out of this fucker,

So I reply to him saying,

"Don't Talk nonsense Dai Huo, as someone who has to meet expectations of the people close to me I must fight, so Roll away or get beaten into a pulp you insolent dog."

I then burst out with extreme speed and started my assault...


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