1 Test Chapter 1

This morning you woke up with a new perspective of life, decided to change what you are, and make new decisions to be who you've always wanted to be.

It's unfortunate though, as you take a shower all that motivation you felt earlier is starting to fade, a slightly heavy sensation of laziness starts permeating your body, and all of a sudden you just want to lay in your bed and waste your time on your cellphone.

While you pretend to go out of the shower, everything in the bathroom begins moving in a swinging motion, the mirror, bottles, toilet paper, and even the ceiling.

You immediately start worrying, not because of the earthquake but because you forgot to take a towel with you. The only thoughts in your head are mocking faces and laughter of seeing you naked going out of the house to save yourself.

You decide you have no other choice but to muster your courage and stay put until everything happens. However, destiny is not on your side this time. Cracks are resounding all around you, screaming is heard outside the apartment you live in, and that's when the building stars falling on you.

A loose rock hits your head and then you are buried by the debris. As your consciousness begins to fade, your regret living on a cheap-looking building that your fellow students recommended.


Light sneak in through your eyelids, a strong smell of bleach and artificial lemon pour into your nostrils, your body feels stiff and numb, but your head feels light and clear for some reason.

"He's awake" you can hear voices talking around you, they seem excited for some reason.

"That was an ugly accident, hopefully, we could save you," says the young doctor standing next to you while writing on her digital notepad.

Mesmerized by the woman's looks and soft voice you answer "T-thanks…" after muttering those words you become stunned. Your voice sounds deep and grave. It's difficult for you to speak, but you try to talk once again "wher…" but realize instead that your skin tone has turned to an almost gray color "ah! what's h-hap... to me?"

"Don't force yourself, you are in a hospital. You received lots of damage but we'll treat all of it. Your skin changed by the lack of oxygen in your blood, it's normal in hyber… I mean normal in these cases" She said the last part kind of unconvinced, but you didn't really notice those little details. "In a week or two, you won't be with us anymore. you'll be discharged I mean".

After they made some more test they leave the room and you stay alone. The room looks extremely simple and the beeping makes the situation kind of stressful. fortunately, a TV is in the room. You turn it on, and as the grown-up you are you go straight to the cartoons channels, but to your surprise, everything on the tv is from the 2000s or even before, Texder, samurai hack, Ed Edd and Edwin and every other tv show seem to be quite old. You feel happy but intrigued.

After two days or so one of the nurses shows you around the hospital. In this short trip, the nurse shows you the emergency department, Intensive care unit, Neurology, Cardiology, some other random places, and at last the cafeteria. However, you are quite perplexed why would she show you those places? why weren´t there any windows? and what puzzle you the most is the size of the building!

It took less than 10 minutes to visit those places on the same floor and yet they call this place a hospital. "where are the other patients? I haven't seen any in the past couple of days".

The nurse is obviously not prepared for your question answers nervously "nobody required our services these previous days…"

"Really… I would like to go to my room now" while the nurse is pushing your wheelchair, you begin to think about the situation and remember all the scars that appear on your body after you woke up, and the worst-case scenario pop up on your mind 'they are extracting my organs!' you feel a shiver go down your spine and at the same time you decide to escape this place as soon as possible.

From the beginning you felt it, you felt this place wasn't normal... the nurses, the rooms, the TV, the extremely young and cute doctor, and her ambiguous remarks. Everything is a farse!

You lay on your bed with some help from the nurse, and after she leaves, you decide to not only scape that night but to capture everyone in this place. If you do so, you will probably have the evidence to sue them to some extent. You have to make them pay, and since you seem to have a couple of years to live at most, they'll have more to lose in case they capture you while scaping.