1 Kidnap girls just to get married?

It was summer, the sun was burning my skin while the wind was strong. It was in the afternoon, while I was having my lunch on my bed while watching the recent episode of my favorite anime during that season.

It was fast and frightening. All I can remember was a flash of light appearing in my room, then a group of weird men wearing cosplay-like knight armor appeared. I wasn't able to hear what they said before I passed out since I was wearing my headphones. I only heard the voice of the female main lead of the anime I was watching before I passed out.

And now, I am taking a long bath after arguing with the maids in this weid fancy place. They were all insisting on helping me clean myself and if I didn't run and locked myself in the bathroom, they would've been scrubbing me clean now.

As I slowly sink into the bathtub, I try to replay what happened to me since I woke up with an agonizing headache.

The bed I woke up on was soft and it feels clean. I think the sheets were new. The moment I opened my eyes I saw a beautiful light orange ceiling with marvelous detailed designs and a chandelier.

A young lady who's wearing a maid outfit appeared and looked at me with a worried expression then she called an older woman who looked at me as if she was disgusted.

'Hurry up and clean her. Dress her in a presentable dress, and be sure to use the perfume His highness loves.' The old woman ordered the young maid.

A few other maids appeared and helped me get up, and when they're about to undress me, I ran to the nearest room I saw, and luckily, it was the bathroom.

'Miss, let us help you bath yourself! We're here to help you.' They said with their tiny voices.

I can't believe kids are being ordered to bath an older woman. They all look like they're around 12 to 15. I sighed and looked around. I saw the things I need. A towel, bath supplies, and a robe. "It's fine, just wait for me. I'll bath myself." I shouted.

The bathroom was huge. It's thrice the size of my apartment. It has a bathtub, a small pool, a Jacuzzi, a shower, and a few fountains along with the pool. They are all coated with gold, and judging from the size of this bath, I think it's pure gold.

I smirked, what if I break somethings and take it along with me? Even a small gram pays a huge amount. I looked around to find anything that can help me, but all I see was shampoos, towels, scrabs and other bath supplies.

Anyway, stealing is against my moral values. I turned the water to the bathtub and waited.

"Where is the young lady!?" Screams the familiar voice of the old woman, "I told you to help her take a bath!"

I rolled my eyes, I hate people who shout at others, especially those below them. I remembered my group leader in English, he shouted at my friend just because she wasn't able to pronounce 'rendezvous' properly.

"I'm here! Don't worry, I won't take long." I answered. My voice echoes back at me.

Now that I think of it, why am I taking a bath? Who are they? I closed my eyes as I sink deeper into the bath until my whole body's underwater. I was entertained too much with what was happening that I forgot to secure my safety. What if they asked me to clean myself because they are about to cook me? What if they are going to sell me to perverted men?

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But... what if I won a contest and this is the price? I get to take a bath in a glorious place and then they'll take me to a famous restaurant?

I slowly raise my head from the water, I didn't participate in any contest with such a prize. I looked at the door and decided to go out. The shampoo and soap smell good, it's perfect since I hate strong fragrance, it triggers my allergy.

"So... care to explain what is happening?" I asked the maids as I lean on the door-frame of the bathroom.

They looked at each other and took out a few dresses, "I think this suits the Miss better," says the short-haired maid.

"No, red suits her better. She has a strong elegant appearance," says the girl with a bun.

Another curly-haired girl joined the conversation and shakes her head, "No, the light color dress fits her. She looks delicate and classy."

I can't help but smile with their compliments but they aren't answering my question which irritated me. "Hey..." I said, "What is happening?" My nerves are starting to pop out of my neck and head, but they are still arguing over the dress.

"HEY!" I shouted at the same time the old woman appears. She looks at me like I just killed somebody. It's making me more annoyed, but my moral is telling me to let the old woman go.

"Miss... you're supposed to be downstairs after 10 minutes," the old woman was suppressing her anger while speaking to me, but the moment her eyes turned to the young maids, the dragon was unleashed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MOVE!" she yelled.

The young ones flinched in fear and hurriedly pulled me to take a seat. They started combing my hair while the others are preparing the dress. I looked at the mirror and stared at the old woman,

"Madam," I called. She looked at me through the mirror and raised her brow. "What is happening?" I asked.

She shakes her head and groaned, "You were kidnapped, I won't sugar coat my words," she said.

"What!?" I stand up and turned to her, "I'll call the police!" I was about to go out of the room when two large men in suits entered the room.

"I'm sorry, Miss. But we cannot allow that, and there are no police in our world. You can call a knight, or a magician, or a slayer, but not the police."

I turned to the old woman, she looks stressed. My morals are telling me to stop arguing with her and just listen like any grandchild would do but this is a life-or-death situation.

"Then, tell me what is happening. Or else I..." Or else what? I can't escape, the people here are crazy and basing from the window, we're in a high place. If I jump out of the window, I bet I'll end up dead anyway.

The old woman gestures me to sit back down, which I did. Now, the girls are fixing my hair and make-up.

"We are from another dimension, Miss. Our mission is to take as many ladies as we can from different dimensions and worlds to present to our crown prince. He will be choosing his bride-to-be from the ladies from the different dimensions along with the nobles and royalties. And luckily, you were the first lady our magicians have encountered when they traveled to your world."

I wasn't able to open my eyes or the brush will likely touch my bare eyes. "You think I'll believe that? Only crazies and isekai fans will believe in your words, Granny," I mumbled, not knowing that the old woman was just standing beside me and heard me calling her granny which she really is.

"I am not a grandmother, Miss. Secondly, you don't have any other choice but to believe me. Don't worry, if you are not chosen by the Prince, you can go back to your world without any memory of this event."

I sighed, I know that I don't have a choice. And... if that is the case, I'll have fun with this. I should just keep in mind that I should get back alive. And if this is a joke or a dream, I'll have a blast!

"Maybe the Prince is an ugly hopeless perverted stupid person. Why does he have to kidnap girls just to get married?" I laughed casually but I suddenly felt a sharp cold thing on my neck.

"Be careful of your words on the Prince, Miss." A guy said, "You may not be able to go back with your head intact."

I gulped, of course, I want my head! I just thought of anime plots and ended up saying a character's description. If the Prince was handsome, he doesn't have to kidnap girls!

"This is Regin Thindral, the assigned guard for you, Miss." The maid who brushes my hair whispers.

"Miss Amelia Snow, you are the 100th chosen bride candidate. In two minutes, you should be in the castle hall. He will choose the first batch of candidates based on their appearance. If you were chosen by the Prince, along with the other 50 candidates, you will have to stay for a week in this mansion, and then a trial shall begin. You will be involved in the agriculture along with the other candidates, and if the Prince was impressed, you will again stay in the mansion for another week along with the other 25 candidates. The next trial is about hunting, and if you were able to catch any animal, you will stay in the mansion. The next trial is about knowledge and character, you'll stay another week if you're chosen. And the last trial will be a surprise, that will be the last, and that will tell the whole kingdom, who will be the Crown Princess." Regin said.

"Wooh," I sighed, he talked so long. I almost got lost in his words. "What you want to say was..." I opened my eyes when the Maid stopped putting on make-up and saw my face. Nothing has changed, except that I look more refreshed. "If I was chosen, I'll stay in this mansion and wait for a trial, and if I won, I'll be the crown princess."

Everyone went silent while staring at my face, indeed, I am beautiful. I don't need tons of make-up. By beautiful I mean, I just look good the way I am. I smiled and stood up, "Let's go and meet that Prince," I said. I'm not planning to stay here anyway, I'll make sure to make a bad impression and get sent home later.

I wasn't able to hear what the maids are talking about, but they were looking at me while I wait by the door.

"She's way prettier than the Princess of the Delta Kingdom sent."

"She suits the light-colored dress."

The maids giggled together as they enjoy watching the young miss, this will be an exciting event. She's the only powerless being in the Kingdom now, how will she be able to fight against royalties, magicians, witches, and other bride candidates?

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