1 Prologue - Getting Bonded With The System

There is no god. How could there be a god? If there was a god why the fuck are they such an asshole!

These thoughts are going through Hol's head as he is looking up at the sky. Hearing ringing in his ears and muffled shouting of people around him. His body feels so heavy and it hurts to move.

How could this happen? All Hol wanted to do today was to go to the supermarket to get some food for his home after finally getting his paycheck. Yet he is on the ground bleeding out due to the fact some random female he never met in his life stabs him while calling him a "Two-timing piece of shit!"

I don't want to die. . . I really don't want to die! I don't want to die yet! I haven't even gotten a boyfriend yet! I will do anything if it means I will get to live!

Hol knows that even if he cries out how much he wants to live nothing will happen but he can't help but hope a miracle can happen for him. . . Just anything. . . Anyone. . .

"Found a suitable host. Do you agree to bond with this system?" In his hazy vision, Hol sees a [Yes] and [No] button floating in front of him. His head felt hazy and couldn't understand what was happening to him right now.

"If you bond with this system you will be able to live. Do you agree to bond with this system?" Hol felt like what was happening was just a hallucination due to all the blood he was losing but he couldn't help but weakly agree to bond with this mysterious voice.

After he agreed with the voice everything went black and Hol found himself floating in a black space that was filled with many stars. Some were shining brightly but some were flicking like it was about to go out and crumble away.

After looking at his new surroundings, Hol finally remembered his stab wound and looked down to see if he was still bleeding out. He let out a sigh of relief when he couldn't see blood on him anymore but let out a confused sound when he realized he was in a long white gown.

Wearing this gown let his dark skin really stand out and make him feel like some attractive model he sees in magazines. But he also realized his short brunette hair was now down to his knees and kept getting in his face.

Feeling confused and out of place, a light appeared in front of him that slowly began to take shape. When the light disappeared a small humanoid figure appeared in front of him with a wide smile on their face.

"Host! It's so nice to meet you! I am your loyal and adorable system but you can call me Starie!" With a huge smile on their face, Hol felt taken back looking at the small humanoid figure that had dark skin that seemed like it was the color of space covered in little lights that resemble stars. Their hair was in two pigtails that were held together by different size stars that made their dark blue hair stand out.

"W-Where is this place? Why am I here? And what's up with my long hair?!" Grabbing at his long Hol felt like his mind was all over the place trying to think of a good explanation as to why he was here.

"Host, did you forget already? I asked you if you wanted to bond with this system and you agreed! I am so happy to finally have a host. I was so lonely here by myself for so long." Rubbing at their eyes that were filled with tears, Starie then got a serious look on their face causing Hol to stiffen up in concern as a projection appeared behind him.

"Okay, now I have to tell you what you have to do since you agreed to bond with this adorable system! The host has the job of going to different worlds that need to get the balance under control again or else the world will get destroyed! All the host has to do is take care of the target characters in the world that are the cause of the problem!" The projection showed a cute cartoonish version of Hol jumping up and down on while a bunch of knocked out bodies lies around him.

'Why is such a weirdly cute dark image being shown?" Hol felt a bit concerned seeing all the knocked out bodies of different people and the big cheerful smile on his cartoon self. "Starie" snapped their finger causing the projection to disappear and snapped it again to show another image for Hol.

"Host this is your stats and your reward lists! Currently, you are level one and don't have any special skills yet but don't worry I promise you will become so powerful that everyone will lower their head at the sight of you! Also, you currently have one reward in your inventory. Think of it as a welcoming gift from your cute system! Go on and check out the reward. You will like it!" Hol didn't pay that much attention to his stats right now because he was really curious about the reward he had and what it could do for him.

Clicking on the rewards sections Hol found a present box in the section and clicked on it. It came out of the screen and into his hand. He held it up next to his ear and shook but frowned when he realized he couldn't hear anything. He finally took the top of the present box and a bright light shined brightly into his eyes causing him to close them tightly.

"Oh, my~ Host you just received a skill! You now have a photographic memory! Now no matter what you see or hear you will remember it. This system hopes the skill can help out with your tasks!" The new skill quickly appeared under his stats and he felt like something inside of him changed a bit.

Deciding now was a good time to check out his stats. He clicked to expand it to see how he was currently.

Name - Hol Eli Lovell

Age - 22

Level - One

Experience - 0 (0/1000000)

Soul - 25

Charm - 30

Luck - 38

Mental Strength - 91

Physical Strength - 47

Abilities - Photographic Memory

Acquired Titles - None

Hmmm. . . Hol was surprised that his mental strength was that high but he was always able to adjust to new situations rather easily. But more importantly, the experience points seem to be his way back to life. Maybe. He doesn't really know.

"So. . . What now? Do I just go and pick a task?" Hol was messing with his hair as he was trying to get all the new information in his head without overreacting. He flinched quickly when a screen appeared in front of him that had numbers counting down from 60 seconds.

"Since the host is ready to start then let's get going to our first task! Oh before this system, forget if you fail any task your soul will be immediately destroyed and you will be in a place where you are neither dead nor alive. Just suffering and unable to escape. Well, let go off to the world now~" Hol face was pale as he heard what "Starie" told him and wanted to say something but the number reached zero and he disappeared from the space world while crying out loudly into his heart 'What god or goddess hates me so much?!'

As Hol disappeared into a bright light to begin his task, in another space, that was like the space area Hol was in, lay an unconscious man in a glass-like coffin. With skin that looks so pale that it gives him a sickly look and makes his dark brown hair stand out. Wearing a gown that is similar to Hol but with a more noble or royal feeling to it. The man's eyes that are closed move slightly, as his finger twitches but other than that nothing else happens.

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