1 kaya Duruma

Stretching a dusk left eye scope twenty miles across the River, marks the main door to the Jimbo of Doctors, Kaya Duruma. An unattended flock of Goats and Sheep scramble to get home in time. Women with pakachas on their heads full of farm produce are seen heading home. Behind them are young girls loaded with firewood. Along with the group comes a young man from the hunting ground with a wild male Buffalo, as if it is a tamed animal walking with him. He just held a rope tied between the head and the horns.

Walking by the corn fields through the bare black slippery soil yards, pass the mining ridge, across the thick Mountain of huge tall trees, the path was as bright as the full Moon. When climbing down, evening unique, beautiful fragrance aroma of Kitumbo and Mpunga Rice from terraced paddy fields, plantations, created a splendid misty cool night to the scattered Duruma clans on sight.

While locals and new members of clans had wonderful dreams which most of them narrated to each other during the day after their common Maize meal loved lunch. Unknown visitors always had sleepless nights in these lands. Many enemies feared the company of unknown voices around them.