Katrina Dumbledore and The Sorcerer's Stone Book

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Katrina Dumbledore and The Sorcerer's Stone


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You'd think that being the headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry's adopted daughter would be a blast, but no it definitely is not. I grew up in Hogwarts living in a secret study behind a bookcase in Dumbledore's office. When I finally got my letter I was so happy! Dumbledore had Hagrid take me to Diagon Ally and drop me off at the train station. Though when he did I had no idea what would happen after I met Harry Potter, The Chosen One. Follow Katrina as she learns about her true parents and unlocks deadly secrets from her past that will change everything she ever knew and believed in. I AM REALLY SORRY IF UPLOADS ARE CRAZY AND HAVE A VERY LONG TIME IN BETWEEN, BUT I AM LIKE TWELVE AND IT MAKES IT HARD TO FIND TIME SO PLEASE DON'T HATE ME FOR IT!!!!!