4 Chapter 4: A Day With A Villain

Deku POV

      I woke up hearing running water. I tried to sit up but my head was all fuzzy. I laid back down.

      I tried to sit up again when I heard the door open.

     "I see your up", said who ever was in front of me. "Who are you???"

      "Your favorite villain, deku."

      To this I sat up filling looking at Kacchan. He had only a towel on but that didn't stop me from (trying) to run up and give him a hug. The moment my legs hit the floor I clasped.

       "Look at you Deku, still useless as ever. Weak and submissive. Even to the floor it seems." Kacchan laughed.

        "You know I can still hear you right, it's just my body won't move." I was a little angry at kacchan for not helping me up off the floor. Instead he was taking pictures. "Are you recording this?"

          "Maybe" answered Kacchan in a dare devil tone. "Can you go put some clothes on?"

           With that Kacchan went to his closet and put on some clothes. He then lifted me up back onto the bed. He then went and sat next to me.

         "So how have you been Deku? I see your now an annoying hero." Kacchan asked. "I have been doing pretty good, I have a quirk now."

          "How the fuck did you get a quirk???"

         "Late bloomer", I answered.

          "If I am gonna be honest I have a few new quirks too, but that doesn't leave this room." Kacchan said in almost a threatening way. I simply nodded.

          "How about we watch some T.V. until you can move again?"

          "Ya, that sounds fun Kacchan."

          Without a warning Kacchan put two bracelets on me. I couldn't resist so it's not like I had a say in the matter.

            "Sorry about that Deku", kacchan said almost apologizing. He then put his arm around the smaller males shoulder, pulling him closer to himself. Deku then rested his head against Bakugou's chest. Both guys blushing, the greenete more than the blonde.

        "Kacchan, why did you bring me here??" I asked my head still on his chest. "Because why not?" Kacchan smirked.

         They sat like that for the next hour until Deku was finally able to move. The first thing deku did was turn off the T.V. and look at katsuki.

         "Kacchan can we talk about what happened in middle school?" Muttered Deku, hardly audible.

         "What is there to talk about? The kiss? You seeing me kill some one? I think both of those are pretty self explanatory, stupid nerd." Kacchan was getting up off the bed at this moment. He walked over to deku's side, picking him up.

          "What are you doing kacchan?" I asked. I then put my arms around Kacchans neck. Hopefully helping him carry me.

          "We are going down stairs, there is someone I want you to meet."

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