1 Another Journey

4/11/2020 _8pm La central hospital

"I'm dying now .... what a lackluster life" said Ethan hunt a young man in his mid twenties ;lying in white gown in a hospital bed breathing heavily three seconds later a beep beep sound kept going off on the monitor beside his bed.

(Ethan pov)

"I suppose I'm now dead" I talk to no one apparently I look around and notice that I'am in big white room well I can't see the boundaries with all that white and I am wearing my hospital white gown.

"any one here "I kept shouting for while but no one answered me.

after some time probably two hours a man I think with blurred face wearing a tux appeared before me

"Mr. hunt right?" the man

"yes" I replied

"you lived a generic good life but you achieved some merit congratulations hmm let me see " said the man then he started searching in what I assume an invisible book after some time he closed the book then looked at me judging by how his head turned into my direction then started talking.

" Ethan you were born in 1995 when you were 3 years old your father left you lived alone with your mother until she died in car accident when you were 12 then you moved with your aunt you majored in architecture so you can have a good life like your mother wished to but you dropped in your first year to pursue your dreams which is to become singer but since you have no talent in singing or good voice you went to become the closest thing to your aspiration which is an audio technician (sound engineer )but unfortunately before you completed your studies in 2019 you were diagnosed with cancer stage for at that and now you are here.

hobbies: are watching anime, k-drama and listening to music with new slight interest k-pop.

Aspiration: becoming singer or musician (failed), sound engineer (failed)

merit: helped poor people and did charity work on behalf of your dead mother, donated your organs after you died to those in need

so I would like to congratulate you that's a pretty good merit anyway that sums up your life Mr Hunt right?"

"yes it does but I didn't realize karma exist "I replied.

"of course every good deed is awarded and every bad one is punishable now do you have any more questions Mr Hunt?"

"I don't "

"very well you have 2 options reincarnate with perks that is the advantage of merit always be a good guy or go to heaven and live a happily ever after "

I know going to heaven is the best but I want to achieve my dreams ( and besides their will be no story If he went to heaven: AN)

" I will choose reincarnation "

"very will then choose "

After he said that a a blue popup panel appeared in front of me with top center of the panel is categories which is

-Super power

-Cultivation perk




I looked at the categories then looked at the man with a questioning look he seemed to know what I was thinking so he began his narration " the world that will be available to you will depend on the category after all we don't want a crazy cultivator in earth now do we?"

I processed his words then choose entertainment immediately a list of planets appeared before me one of them parallel Earth thankfully there was a little explanation beside the name which said same as your earth but there might be a few events that doesn't exist or few events that happened in the parallel earth and didn't happen in yours or it might be completely the same.

unfortunately my earth doesn't exist probably I can't go to the same place twice.

(good enough for me no need to take risks) I said to my self then pressed on parallel earth after that the words on the panel vanished and another words appeared with the main title the journey system and written under it

1- great musician system

2- great performer system

3- great host system



I opened my mouth in surprise I mean it's not everyday you get a system it's a dream for all the otakus out there I smiled then pressed on the great musician system after that the panel vanished and the blurred man starts to speak again

"I see you have finished your wish list, the system will take at least five years to work and you should train the perks you got from the system, the system will only help you rate your perks and the songs you write, also your past world songs will be available to you the more achievements you make. now you will be transported to your new world in five minutes do you have any questions ? " I could almost see his eyes wink when he reached the part about my world songs will be available to me well safe to assume I could plagiarize well I should ask him anyway

"can you tell me what is the perks, will I reincarnate with my memory or not, where will I reincarnate and can I plagiarize?"

"the perks is what every great Singer need, yes you will reincarnate with your memories unless you don't want it in that case what is reason for you reincarnate ,you will be reborn in random place even I don't know I'm not a god I'm just an employee as for your last question that is parallel world you can do what want besides you can get songs if you make achievements only, but don't cross the line remember karma exist so be a good man.

now see you later or in 100 years" after he finished his words a black portal opened next to me and I got sucked inside

Busanjin-gu, Busan

4/11 /1991

I have just arrived from the black portal to much darker place but I can feel moving fluid that must mean I have been reincarnated as baby now will I have to wait 9 months or I will go out early I was cut out by the light coming from the end of the tunnel that means my mom due date is now.

in white room the doctor is holding a curious baby who is squinting at everything or looks like he is trying after she slapped him he cried then the doctor handed him to the nurse who wrapped him in towel after she cleaned him then she handed the baby to the father because the mother is tired the father takes the baby and shows to two adorable young kids a boy of 7 years old and a girl of 4 years old


that hurt bitch but wait did the guy holding me just said Gamsamida did I reincarnate in Korea couldn't god reincarnate me in USA or something I mean I don't know Korean so that will take a lot of time learn I also don't know a lot of k pop I mean I listened to it sometimes but I love K drama more If I know That I would have chosen the performer system instead, but wait I have another problem what If I was born in north Korea no god please noo well let's think about another day

wahh I feel sleepy

a month later

a beautiful middle aged lady was holding a young baby in her arms while singing a lullaby to the smiling baby sitting beside her was the young girl.

of course that baby was me and I'm now 90% that I'm in south Korea going by the dramas that my mom was watching all the day I don't think there was a lot of dramas going in N Korea, I still don't know my family names since I don't under stand any of their words, I'm sure I will understand one day in the future

2 years later

that was stressful 2 years now I'm now south Korean Kim Ji-hu or Ji-hu which means wisdom and greatness which is cool my sister name is Son-Mei and my brother is Won-Jae I'm now sitting at the front yard of our house playing with me or trying to play with me but I got bored I mean it gets pretty boring when you have to act like 2 years old.

"come here little Jihu" said my sister, but I keep firm don't budge from my place.

"come here I have Tteok your favorite dessert" Sonmei said, alright maybe I will go to her I love rice cakes.

my big brother who is playing football in the yard came to take one as well, my mother just called us in so that we don't get cold because winter is coming, she used to work with my dad but after we were born she stayed in home to take care of us.my dad owns a chicken restaurant and he is opening a second one in the next month so I think we are a wealthy family.

I can understand most Korean words now but I it's hard to speak in Korean but Its ok I am still 2 years old.

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