1 We're not in Kansas Anymore

As Tye stared at the girl in front of him exuding a terrifying aura he reminisced about how he got here. Before Tye was reborn he lived a fairly normal life before he was in his first year of college he never did any drugs and only drank twice once was when his godfather offered him some beer and the second time was when he was in 8th grade and his grandma left a bottle of whiskey by her shot glasses Tye drank it, cried and went to sleep with the worst headache of his life and woke up not feeling to much better. He stayed completely sober since waiting until he was 21 only to fall down the steps of his college and break his neck.

He woke up in a body that looked exactly like his old one. He had the same small auburn afro, he was still about 6 feet tall with tan skin and freckles. He had big limbs kind of buff arms and thick thighs and good calfs but he had a small gut that he never really tried to get rid of that might change depending on the world he was in however his body was still the same well with the exception of his eyes, specifically his right eye. His eye had changed the pupil becoming a feather and the iris was red instead of a dark brown he had no clue what it was but assumed it was normal on this body the same if he became an animal with a tail or demon with horns when he transmigrated.

He then got called to breakfast by a man he decided to nickname Lurch until he learned his real name. Here Tye reminisced he asked and forgot Lurch's real name long ago and had instead continued with calling the man Lurch because he was built like his new namesake. He went downstairs following Lurch to see various food ingredients floating in the air as a shirtless man with an astonishing number of tattoos nodded to him and told him to sit down he later found out that this man was his father.

As in twelve seconds later when the man said "How ya doin son?" he blundered his way through with the excuse of mornings and was given a understanding nod. The man finished making breakfast effortlessly and here Tye could only assume making the ingredients fly into and out of his hands as he cooked. The man finished serving what looked like blue eggs and normal looking bacon and sat down only to gasp and grin...it was terrifying "You finally got your power son."

Tye just stared back in confusion when the man produced a thin gold oval from his pocket he grasped the bottom and his thumb released a small semi-clear gust of air causing the front of the gold oval to glow white before the man tapped a couple of times before turning it to him allowing Tye to see his reflection the oval showing everything perfectly. Tye stared back in confusion before noting that neither his new father nor Lurch had the same eye as he did but using context clues he realised the eye was some kind of power same as his new father's telekinesis.

The man noted Tye's confusion before speaking "Have you tried meditating I know it's annoying as shit but blood speaks to blood." here he raised his hand making small semi-clear ripples around his hand like a tv show representation of telekinesis. "Your power wants to be used you can tell by how it manifested without any effort on your part after breakfast go to your room and try it either that or the gym it shouldn't be to destructive as it already manifested and everything is fine so if you feel more comfortable practicing in your room go ahead after you access it and see what it does come down and meet me if you don't ***** will bring you down in about 5 hours." here he gestured and Lurch stepped forward nodding.

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