1 Sypnosis (exact same in the cover)

*exactly the same as the one in front. just skip if you want. This is for those who didn't read it on cover.*

I had always been too dense to understand complex things, too dense and dense enough to reach my demise.

I got reincarnated and asked my cheat to able to know others mind and intention.

I am still the same like I was still on earth and the fantasy world of magic and adventures I always watched on earth isn't as fantasy nor as nice as the ones I watched.

"People change." This quote never made sense since the time I heard of it.

I reached my demise for being too dense to know the other side's intention.

Yet, I reached another demise in this fantasy world. What's worse was the one reincarnating me was the mastermind and main culprit of the demise.

He said I was too dangerous too be left alone.

I helped the ones in need, rescued villages to empires from disasters, cleaned corrupt officials and families, bring peace between humans and other races and many others.

Yet, that stupid fake god who reincarnated me to his world plotted against me and even curse me an eternal life of no harming.

Luckily, we have a real god who gave me the chance to be the other god of the world.

I am in the realm and him out of realm.

Godliness mean we are immortal. We are eternal. Eternity is boring.

I will just make avatars of mine to live new lives.

I will enjoy the school life to relieve my boredom.

I will definitely enjoy it to the fullest.

Fake god wont able to go against me without going head to head with me.

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