1 At a Spot

He Killed me...

Feng BingLu looked at her murderer with questioning eyes, wondering how it came to this.

"did you come to personally see me of? that's not our style you know. To think she can even make you do this"

"Bing lu" His voice was deep and beautiful, it used to be her comfort once, "I warned you not to touch her". She closed her eyes and laughed harshly, when she face him, they were cold, this was the first time she had looked t him with such eyes, there was a hint of ridicule in them too. "i wonder if i'll ever love... Must be a wonderful thing, powerful too, to have turned you into such a fool"

His eyes darkened, this was also the first time she called him a fool "maybe in your next life" he said smiling slightly. Binglu looked out of the window in disappointment, she took of a ring, it was the cheapest thing she ever wore, yet the most precious."this is for you" she said finally keeping her ring on the nightstand by her side "nothing about us is simple Dingjian... Make sure i die well after this, else..." she left the sentence unfinished, She didn't need to anyway, after all they were like two peas in a pod, Identical in every way except gender

Her eyes closed, she looked beautiful, otherworldly even, She was strong even till the end Dingjian suddenly felt a twinge in his chest but he ignored it. She seemed to glow in the dark hospital room, like she wasn't dead. He let out a heavy sigh at least now his Lan'er was safe from bing's scheming.

he took the ring and left the room

The next day the Feng family announced that they had lost their goddess.

Four months later...

"Why Lanhua?" the temperature ,

"why?" she laugh tinkled across he room, it was full of malice "because i love the thrill of the chase"

her eyes full of hate, looking very different from what he knew"she tried to warn you severally, you know, BingLu, you wouldn't listen though" She laughed again "i didn't think this plan would work out so well though, but you were so easy"

Dingjian eyes turned cold "nothing about us is ever simple" he mumbled to himself caressing the plain ring on his neck as guilt racked his body.

He walked out of room and looked at the beautiful sky line of A city and absentmindedly kissed Bing's ring, remembering when they grew up together, and realized he messed up real bad. He went to his study and set up everything, and went out for a ride. He never came back.