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Just Once In A Blue Moon



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I know myself... I know what I like, and what I don't... What I love, and what I hate... But what if, I veritably don't know who I really am??... What if, the person that I think I am, is a completely different one??... What if, my reality, is somehow rectified by another reality??... What if, what's yet to come can absolutely make me lose one of the best things that I have in the present??... Love... Maybe it's just because "He" can't understand my reality... Yes!! Maybe it is!!... But what if, "He" thinks that I'm not the same anymore just because of "that" change even if I know in my self that I still am... What if, he just can't trust me??... I can't think clearly... And what if, both of these things can only come JUST ONCE IN A BLUE MOON??... I don't know... - A. R. A. V. H.

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