1 Ep 1

Everyone was happy in there life without any problem, but a preson was no. A girl who was born with a cruise , in her childhood she was send out of her hometown away from her family. She thought there is no a way to go back or a way to lift her cruise, she thought she have to live with this cruise for all her live . But she don't know that a light was coming in the dark to show her the light


Its a normal morning

Mia: Lunaaaaaaaaaaaa are you not going to wake up or elas we are going to be late for school.

(Hi i am luna a high schoolar and the girl you just saw with glasses she is my best friend and my roommate)

Mia: O i totally forgot hehe your crush is waiting for you outside.

Luna: What really ( get up from her bed and run to the window)

( And the boy outside is my crush name Akio )

Mia: I'll be waiting outside os get ready and don't be late.

Luna turn at her with a smile which hide the dark secret

Luna: Okey

While getting ready for school

Luna phone : ring ring

Luna: a.. a message, is it from Akio.Ummm😀😀 its was from the weather report.So its going to rain, then i have to take the umbrella for Mia.

After reaching to school

Mia:😰😰😰 is it going to rain i don't have umbrella.

Luna: O.. about that here i have bring it for you

Mia: Haaa thank you very much Luna 😚😚

School bell rings

Mia: A.. its time for the class you after class Luna

(It was our bad luck that we are not in the same class because she is smarter then me πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

In the class

Luna was writing when the teacher came and said

Teacher: Morning studens we got a new transfer studen here today, please welcome him. Why not introduced yourself to others.

Mike: Sure my name is Mike i had came from City A to City F to study i hope we will get along well.

He had a no emotions in his face ( poker face).he was really different from others he had red eyes and while hair like a rabbit.

But when i saw him my cruise got started i saw that he and i was sitting togather laughing like crazy (end of the cruise)

Luna: !what was that! πŸ™€πŸ™€

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