6 Chapter Six- Holding Too Much

Previously on Just List Our Hearts

Tears fell down my cheeks and he pulls me towards him and hugs me.

'I didn't know that I had this kind of emotions I thought that I could handle it I thought I would be able to not feel anything other than anger. Toby you bastard I don't love you I can't possibly love you are just my safe zone but why does it hurt so much to know that my safe zone isn't safe at all it's just like high school.'

Ian says "Emma it's okay everything is going to be just fine."

Ian's P.O.V

'Hugging her is all I could do at this moment I know that she is using me for emotional support so I will allow her to.'

(8 mins later)

I put her to sit down and go to the kitchen to get her some water at least she stopped crying and is just breathing heavily.

I walk back to the living room with a glass of water and hand it to Emma and she says "Ian thanks for being here." I nod and went to my room to get some things for her tonight when I walk back to the living room she already fell asleep.

'Emma, where did that strong girl, go I never thought that you would let the world make you into just another normal person and lose that spark that you had'

I cover her and fix her onto the chair 'Maybe I should put her in my bed Nah that would be like asking to be hanged any normal man knows not to take a sleeping woman to your bedroom unless you are her lover.'

I got up and headed back to my bedroom and fell asleep.

Emma's P.O.V

My phone started buzzing on me that when I opened my eyes and sat up damn it, my back hurts 'Wow and here I thought Ian was a gentleman who leaves a guest to sleep on their hard couch.'

I make my way to the kitchen and open the fridge I am going to make some eggs with seaweed soup rice and fry fish better get started.

When it was seven o'clock Ian came strolling into the kitchen and says "Good morning!"

I smile and say "Good morning hope you don't mind I borrow your kitchen and made breakfast."

Ian says "That's okay hope you had enough things to make breakfast I will pick up some more groceries this even for you okay."

I say "Yeah I had enough to make breakfast but what about lunch I might have cleared your fridge."

Ian says "Okay I will go now and pick up the groceries be back." He was about to get up but I stopped him and say "Eat first before you go."

Ian nods and sits down and starts eating I hope it tastes okay, I sit down and watch him eat I say "Is it alright?"

Ian nods and says "It good you might be able to complete with my mom."

'That's sweet of him to say' Cooking is something that I learned because of it seemed interesting and it helps past time whenever I was alone.

After Ian finishes eating he got up and says "Emma since I am going to the supermarket, do you want anything."

I looked at him and say "Yeah I need sanitary napkins, soap, and a toothbrush if it's too much you don't have to worry too much about it."

Ian says "Emma I will get those things for you so what about undergarments."

His ears turned red when he said that so I whispered my size in his ears and he nodded them ran to his room.

'Oh, how cute teasing a young man is fun remains me of middle school.'

I sit down and started eating five mins later Ian comes out well dress and says "Be back later!"

I mod and continue eating I check my phone to see a message from Toby.

It says ''Emma I will see you later we have to talk I am not moving out neither are you.''

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I laugh and text back "We will see about that."

Well at least I know he's not home, better go get some clean clothes and take a shower.

I head out Ian's apartment after I finished washing the breakfast dishes then headed back home.

I walked to the elevator and waited for it to come up when the elevator opens I get on and press for my floor as the elevator opens I head to my apartment and go inside I take off my shoes and head straight to the bedroom.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower when I came out Toby stood right there, he says "Honey, welcome home"

I smile and say "I am going to do some shopping later so see you later." I walk to the closet and put on some clothes and brush out my hair put a little makeup and my newest earnings I must say I do look good.

Toby says "Emma we will talk later okay."

I nod and head out the room then out the apartment with a smile on my face I am gonna buy so much stuff today.

(Two Hours Later)

Okay I know I went a little overboard but it feels good to spend this much money and not have to worry who's paying for it okay, time to go by Ian hopefully he's home it's lunchtime now so he may be.

I get into my car and drive out the parking lot and head back to the apartment.

I press to go up to Ian's floor when I get in the elevator then I went straight to the door and press the doorbell there's no answer 'Wait did I forget to get his phone number luckily I saw him press in his code yesterday so.'

Don't mind my intrusion I press in the number and the door opens and there is Ian sitting on the couch I walk towards him to see him sleeping.

I sit down and say " Hey wake up!"

He moans in response and slowly opens his eyes he mumbles "Oh your back I have been waiting a while for you." I say "Oh sorry about that but I that I don't have your phone number and I went shopping to go a new set of clothes what do you think of this one pretty right cost almost 20000 won."

Ian stands up then sits back down and says "You are one rich woman or did the man buy it for you."

I look at him and say "Yes my husband bought me these yeah he said he wanted to work it out so I am going to work it out I wasted so much time of my life with an asshole and he's going to pay for it but a lot of money."

Ian says "If you were to go back to those teenage years before you met Toby would you go back and change your fate or will you stay in this kind of sad life wishing things would turn out better."

I look at him and say "My life hasn't exactly been okay since I was small I learn there is no such thing as love, not even parental love while I got older I learn that people just use each other to past time and I was stupid enough to get caught in this non-sense but would I change my past no because in order to become the person I am today. I needed to experience these life lessons some people wish to change their past while I wish to see another day in this life do you know that some people can actually die from sadness."

Ian says "Emma Wells do you know who I am?"

I laugh and say "No I don't really know who you are because I now start to talk to you, Ian Young."

Ian laughs and says "I am not Ian Young I am someone who watches and plays a game that I always win who am I Emma I am called Fate and sometimes Destiny so do you want to make a bet with me Emma."

I laugh and ask "What kind of bet?"

Ian says "A bet of a lifetime!"

I say "What do I get out of this bet?"

Ian says "Your ideal dream life and happiness but if you lose I get too put you through something even more horrible like killing Ian or killing that one person that you wanted to love you know who he is Jaemin Lee."

I laugh and say "Funny Ian but I don't know any Jaemin Lee."

Ian looks at me the scuff and says "Whatever you say, Emma so do you want to bet."

I say "Nope I don't bet not even with money why would I bet with someone's life Ian I never knew that you were so weird."

Ian says "Too late Emma you already asked what the bet was now it's time to play the game."

That's when I saw a bright light flash before my eyes and I closed my eyes only to open them again and see myself looking up at my ceiling from my old room what the hell.

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