7 Chapter Seven- In The Past

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Emma's P.O.V

Ian says "Too late Emma you already asked what the bet was now it's time to play the game."

That's when I saw a bright light flash before my eyes and I closed my eyes only to open them again and see myself looking up at my ceiling from my old room what the hell.

Author's P.O.V

Emma couldn't believe her eyes this was her old room when she was in high school Emma stands up and looks around then she heads out her room into the hallway and see all the picture of her on the wall like before her parents were hardly around.

So they would take photos of her whenever they had a day off but they never took it with her and they put every photo on the walls in the hallway it shows how her at a younger age.

Emma walked to the end of the hallway then turns around and head to the living room when she arrives she sees both of her parents sitting in the couch reading document from work so this is there off.

Emma says "Mother Father why are you still working today is suppose to be a family day so work is supposed to leave at the office."

Her mother put down her documents and say "Since when have you cared about the family day weren't the one who said that you were busy now that I have found something to do insisted of waiting for you. You come back after three hours to complain, what happened did you already finish your project."

Emma laughs and says "Mother don't you find that we are weird when people have a family day everyone is outside having fun or inside having fun but I guess we are so accustomed to our way that we don't notice this isn't how a family is supposed to be you already act like don't care if I am alive or how did my day go that isn't normal mom. Did you adopt me no that isn't possible because I look just like you so what do you have a sister that give birth to me and give you to raise me."

Emma's mother says "You never had a problem before what do you need an increase in your allowance you can get that if you get first in the school."

Emma says "Mother what I want is for Haeri Grace and Minji Lee to start acting like parents and stop treating me like I am a robot without feeling like if I have Alexithymia and even people with this disease try to live normally. I can't take it anymore stop ignoring me is your company more important than me if it is then you shouldn't have had me in the first place take responsibility for your actions."

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Her mother slaps her across her face and says "I will not take this kind of disrespect, the sacrifices your father and I made for you to have such a comfortable life you think food, clothes, water and everything else is free in the world without hard work Emma I know your father and I might seem to not care about you but we do you are my child I will try to do better in the future. So please don't start to act up now okay Emma."

Emma smiles softly and says "I will be waiting to see how you will do better in the future."

Emma turns around and heads back to her room shuts the door and sits with a bitter smile on her face.

Emma's P.O.V

I sit on my bed with then lay back my face hurts but that's the first time my mom actually reacted to me as human being thought they were robots but it seems they are more human than I thought.

Is this what you call time travel so I haven't met Toby yet so let's try our best not to meet him at all in this time I hope this isn't a dream but if it is I would rather stay in this dream for a while till I get back my old self.

Then again it's not possible for this to be a dream that slap was pretty hard and it hurts pain means I really time travel back so let's figure out why oh right Ian I need to go and see him where did he live again.

Oh yeah let's call Suji she should be able to get that details for me I sit up and pick up my phone I really hated these crap phone they had in this time that's why I rarely used it enter Suji name and her number appears.

The phone rings and then Suji answers "Em did the sun, rise on the east today since when you know how to call people."

I smile and ask "Suji can you send me Ian Young address?"

Suji answers "Sure let me call a few people first give me a half-hour tops."

I was about to hang up when Suji says "So you got a crush on him or are you planning to beat him up now that you saved him from Tae Woo hmm."

I laugh and say "Nah I just want to talk to him about something."

I could sense that Suji was smiling on the other end of the phone since when have I been able to smile and laugh why is it becoming so easy to do these things did something happen to me because I seem more human than before.

I say "Bye Suji!"

She laughs and says "Em did you just laugh? Are you sick do you need me to come over."

I just hang up and smile at the phone yes Suji I think I am sick because I am doing things I haven't done without faking it.

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