1 Chapter One- Betrayal

I can't believe this crap I feel disgusted right now why did you have to come soon my stomach hurts and I feel very uncomfortable.

Every single month lasting for a week or more now damn it why did you come so early, my old enemy.

Well, speaking of problems I think I should introduce myself hi my name is Emma Grace yeah a pretty name well my original name Emma Wells well before I got married to Toby Grace, yes his name is beautiful, but he isn't.

A few months ago okay six months ago, I found out that he is cheating on me with another woman like any normal woman I kept it to myself and slowly processing the situation. Toby and I have been married for five years. I was twenty-two when we got married, this is why they say don't get married young.

I guess I have changed a lot since I got married less violent more understanding, yes I turn into such a good homemaker within two weeks after being married, I would say my marriage was okay for the first two years. After that's until he started coming home late and we a couple of arguments well about ten every three months for the smallest reasons. As I said, I became more understanding or else I would have walked away a long time ago.

So this is why I am not angry or crying basic human emotions when you find out your husband has another woman so let me update you on my current finding do you know that he has a three-year daughter with this woman. Oh, and she is pregnant again as I said I am slowly processing the situation if you were to ask me if I loved my husband, my answer would be no.

I have never loved another human being since the day I was born not even my parents or grandparents then again they weren't around much.

My childhood wasn't sad to me or exciting it was a study of to save enough money to get an apartment when I turned 18, yeah I guess I was a little too mature for my age.

But who isn't right I had friends, of course, they are the reason I became the badass in high school. From beating up my first boyfriend to beating up, the school bullies girl and boy oh those were the days, but Toby changed me a lot instead of using my fist I used my brain. Toby is five years older than me, so yes I did look for a mature person to marry, but I guess he wasn't mature enough to stay faithful, he doesn't know that I know about the other woman, but tomorrow I will make sure he does.

One thing I can't understand if you are cheating on someone how can you be so brave to come and lay next to the person you are cheating on, as for our sex life it's been a year since we have been like so. An honestly it hasn't affected me it not like sex is something I have to do often, so it doesn't bother me I am I emotionless nope I am just different in some aspects of being human.

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I am so sleepy I headed to the bedroom and lay down tomorrow I will deal with this, the only mature way of dealing with right the thoughtful way I won't scream I won't cry and I won't get angry I will get even, and that's all I need to do.

(The next day)

Toby just walked in, its lunchtime he walks up to me and kiss me on the forehead and says, "Hey honey, how has your day been!" I look at him and say, "Very well I have some news for you. I can't wait to share it with you." I smile sweetly, as I pick up the envelope and hand it to him, I sit down on the stool and look at him as he opens the envelope that's when the doorbell rings I guess she came what a brave woman I hope she brought the little child too.

I get up and go to the door time to welcome my husband's, another woman. I open the door and say, "Welcome, come in!" She looks at me in shock and nods she takes off her shoes and goes in bare feet I guess she didn't bring the child with her well too bad I would have loved to meet the little boy. I close the door that's when Toby says, "Emma, it's not what it looks like." Oh no now he's using my first name that means I have caught him unexpectedly I walk inside to see him looking shocked to see that the woman he's cheating on me with is here.

I look at both of them what a match made in heaven; they look perfect together if I hadn't seen it, in reality, I would be very displeased without seeing these two together I sit down in the living room while my husband gets down on his knees and the other women. He says, "Emma I am sorry I didn't mean to do it, it happened I wanted to tell you, but I know you wouldn't have forgiven me, and yes I did it again."

This is too funny okay don't laugh because this is starting to annoy me I say calmly "Well, what should we do get a divorce or should I take the child from her and raise him myself hmm oh yeah what about the baby on the way."

I didn't realize that I was crying until the warmness fell from my face to my hand and became cold the woman says "I am so sorry, I am so sorry

I didn't realize that I was crying until the warmness fell from my face to my hand and became cold the woman says, "I am so sorry, I am so sorry." This is getting annoying I stand up and ask darkly "What are you sorry for seducing a married man? Or having a child with a married man? Not one but two hmm how should I react to this? If you were me, what would you do? I can feel my bloodlust come on I remember when my first boyfriend cheated on me, I hospitalized him for six months two broken ribs, a broken jaw and a broken arm along with some fractures.

Should I get crazy and show you what kind of monster I used to be no you wouldn't like that would you, one thing I don't understand you are cheating yet you dare to lie next to me."

I start to laugh. I didn't think it would hurt this much why I am crying, why is my voice chuckling the woman says again, "I am so sorry, I am so sorry." Does she want me to lose it now sorry is not going to make me not feel this betrayal, Toby is looking at me you know what I will make them experience what happens when I think.

I wipe away my tears and say "Well, I think you should leave Toby, pack your things and get out and Miss sorry isn't going to fix this but don't worry I will make sure you pay for making me cry you and Toby."

I pick up my phone and car keys and head out the door with my heels. Today my friends want to have lunch, and I need to get out I feel like I am suffocating I head to the elevator and press it the door open and I step in.

Then I heard Toby calling out to me from down the hallway I didn't realize someone was in the elevator until I saw him stand in front of me and press the closing button I wonder why did he do that. The elevator door close just before Toby could reach I lean back on the wall and drop my heels on the ground and slowly slide down to the earth and inhale deeply I didn't realize that we weren't going down but up when the elevator opens.

I thought the man would leave, but he stoops in front of me and says, "Miss, are you okay?" I look up at him and laughs he is handsome indeed he is, I say, "Yes, I am okay."

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