5 Chapter Five- Their History

Previously On Just List Our Hearts

I laugh and say calmly "Over my dead body and whoever that man is I will make sure he pays for touching my woman."

That's when she walked up to me and says "Honey I am asking you nicely to leave if you don't I will have to use force and believe me I will not hesitate to hurt you."

Emma's P.O.V

He looks at me and says "Go ahead and try honey!"

I laugh while turning away to make my way to our room I pull out the suitcase from under the bed I go into the closet and start taking down all his clothes and throw them to the floor since he won't pack I will do it for him.

The bedroom door closes and he says "Are you going crazy Emma?"

I look back at him and smirk then say "Are you insane Toby I said pack your shit and get out if don't want to pack I will do it for you but tonight you are leaving this apartment no matter what you say or do."

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I took everything that belongs to him off the shelf and threw it to the ground after I smiled and said "You know that song that I liked so much in 2010 by that American singer last kiss I told you that song remained me of us, you said that would never be us, well I guess it really wasn't really us, that song was beautifully sad."

Toby says "That song wasn't our relationship it was the first time we went on a date you didn't call after, I didn't hear from you for months then you called and asked me out?"

I say "And I regret it, Toby, I should not have gotten involved with a bastard like you I don't regret anything, other than changing ever since meeting you."

He looked angry at me and says "Well if that's how you feel there is nothing that you can do about it anyway now."

'He's right I put myself in this mess in the first place I should have known that it would end like this if you aren't of use to someone then they will find someone else to use along side you.'

I laugh and say "If I were to go find that pregnant woman and take both of her children would that make me a monster or make me a victim I am not the kind of woman who lets people walk all over her and gets away with it.

Toby, you know that I change from using my fist to solve problems because you said it was inhumane to treat another person like that but what about the emotional abuse you and that woman put me through isn't that inhumane.

No matter how hard I try to not think about it you disgust me I just don't understand how you can sleep with another woman and come and lay next to me tell me you love me and not want to let me go, why would you take such a strong person and tear her into a weak individual.

I always told myself never to trust any man in this world and yet I trusted you now I am paying for it for being a damn idiot when I first suspected that you were cheating I thought it was me being insecure I thought how would a man who made sure to make me into a better person try to destroy me."

I inhale and say "If you don't want to leave you don't have too I will leave I will come and pick up my stuff tomorrow I am moving back into my old apartment oh yeah the one you told me to sell. So I will see you around."

I walk past him open the bedroom door and head to the living room I pick up my car keys and put on my jacket and head out the door straight to the elevator.

'He didn't follow me haha what did you expect Emma for him to beg for forgiveness'

I press the button to Ian's floor 'Where are you going Emma to Ian he is probably sleeping by now I will just check and see if he's up still if not I will drive to my old apartment.'

The elevator opens and I walk to Ian's apartment and ring the doorbell once 'If he doesn't answer I will leave and head to my apartment.'

I turn to walk away when the door open and he says "Emma you are back! come in."

'Great he's not asleep but he does look like he was sleeping'

I say "I am so sorry for waking you it's just I don't know why but I just came here."

He looks at me 'I am going to cry damn it why is this affecting me so badly.'

Tears fell down my cheeks and he pulls me towards him and hugs me.

'I didn't know that I had this kind of emotions I thought that I could handle it I thought I would be able to not feel anything other than anger. Toby you bastard I don't love you I can't possibly love you are just my safe zone but why does it hurt so much to know that my safe zone isn't safe at all it's just like high school.'

Ian says "Emma it's okay everything is going to be just fine."

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