8 Chapter Eight- Finding Him

Suji's P.O.V

Did Em hang up on me when did she become so cute laughing I can't help but smile after that phone call my emotionless friend just laughed, and it was really like real emotions?

Could she have a crush on Ian?

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Wow got to tell Eunae Lee okay let's call her first I dial her number and she picks up.

I say, "Yah Nae, did you know that Em just called me on the phone to find out Ian's address you know the pretty boy who can't fight."

Eunae laughs and says, "Stop lying, Ji, we all know that Em can't even use a phone much less call someone."

I say happily, "Exactly, and that's what makes it serious she has a crush on Ian, you know that guy she saved two weeks ago."

Eunae says, "No way he's too gentle and soft for a girl like her. She might want to get him into shape and make him tougher to fight for himself."

I laugh and say, "No, she does have a crush on him, and I hear her laugh for the first time, and it was indeed a real laugh; it wasn't the fake laugh that she usually forces out, so we don't feel bad.

If this isn't a sign of love, what else can it be? I mean, we both know that she is almost emotionless except for anger, and she rarely shows that."

Eunae says, " Oh, do you know where Jaemin Lee is right now?"

I answer, "Isn't he in Canada right now?"

Eunae says, "No, he isn't, my parents haven't been able actually to get through to him over there, and the teacher at his school said he left to come home two months ago."

I look at my computer and say, "Okay, I will call up some friends over there and ask them if they can check on him okay, Nae."

Eunae says, "Thanks, Ji. I will wait for word from you!"

The phone call ends, and I start calling so people up can't believe either of my friends ever ask who do you call to get that kind of information well it's not like they will get an honest answer because we call have secrets of our own.

My name is Suji Han, and I am what you call a private investigator; well, technically, it's my dad who runs that business, but it's not like he doesn't know that I am always using his links to help out my friends or for my interest.

I mean, why can't I know where V.O.S members live, especially Choi Hyun Joon.

One day that man will be mine right, honey.

Emma's P.O.V

The phone beeps and I read it, so there is where Ian lives I get up and change into some more causal and head out my room I walk down the corridor and say loudly "Mom, dad I am going out for a while so that I will be back late."

I walk straight to the door open it then close it behind me.

Authors P.O.V

The date is 02/10/2009 Friday 2nd October 2009 Ch'usok one more day to go before Korean Thanksgiving is over.

Emma took a taxi to Ian's place with one thing in mind. I am going to make him explain how he did make this happen; he brought her back to the time before she met Toby.

The taxi stop and she paid the driver then started looking for the house number this was the how you say the vibrant part of two it seems just as you expect middle-class people live when Emma found the right house she rang the doorbell and waited.

The sound of footsteps could be heard; it was Ian coming to see who could be here when his parents went to see the other family in the country while he has to stay home and watch the house.

Ian opens the gate to see Emma standing in front of him Ian's heart started racing as questions race through his mind what was she doing here how did she know where he lived and why didn't she call before popping up in front of him.

Ian says softly, "Hello, Emma, would you like to come in?"

Emma looks at him and says, "Ian, I have a question for you, did you make me travel back through time?"

Ian looks at Emma and asks in confusion, "Emma, what are you talking about?"

Emma says, "Okay, let me ask you something. Did you meet me yesterday?"

Ian looks at Emma and says, "No, I had to watch the house because we are taking care of someone. My parents went to see our family in the country, so I had to stay home and watch because recently it had a couple of break-ins in this area."

Emma thinks it over and says, "Well, that clears it up, so Ian let's do something."

Emma walks past Ian and heads into his place while he shuts the gate and follows behind her.

Emma's P.O.V

Ian looks very flushed. I took off my shoes and walk in; this house is very comfortable looking I went and sit down. I seem to see Ian looking at me, and I smile and say, "So, Ian, it been a while, hasn't it."

Ian looks at me and says, "Emma, what are you doing here?" I look at him and say "I just came to check on you I didn't expect you would be home today, but luckily you were well I best be going it was nice seeing you, Ian."

Ian says, "Oh, how about some tea before you go."

He seems just as he is in the future no matter how inconvenienced it might be for him, and he still tries to be as hospitable to his guest.

I nod while looking at him he goes into his kitchen while I look around the house his family has pictures on the wall, and on the stands, he was genuinely adorable when he was small he looks a lot like his mother.

I slowly walk towards the back of the house, and that's when I see one of the doors open and a man comes out wait did Ian say that anyone else was here no I don't recall the man looks at me and ask "Where am I?"

I look at him from head to toe; he seems tired. I turn around and walk back and say, "Ian, your guest is up; you should check on him!"

Ian says, "Oh yeah, give me a sec."

I walked back to the living room and sat down; that's when I hear him, "So Emma, do you accept the deal or not."

I smile and say, "Yes, I accept your deal under my conditions because it's only fair that I get conditions because I have nothing to lose."

He laughs and says, "Very well, you have accepted the deal shall I give you from your birth or the beginning of high school, or will you like to stay as it is now."

I look at him and say, "I don't know, yet I haven't met Toby yet."

To be continued

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