1 Best Friends (With Benefits)

Nights spent at Jacob's place usually meant that one or both of them would wake up naked the following day. This was no different as Hayley awoke to the sound of birds chirping while her friend's arms were wrapped around her, an indication that, as per usual, the pair fell asleep whilst cuddling.

Yes, that's correct. Hayley Carlton and Jacob Dyer regularly have sex with each other, but first and foremost, they're best friends. And despite whatever goes around in their school's rumor mill, that's all they ever will be to each other. Friends.

A quiet groan leaves her lips—still bruised from the kisses he'd given her the night before—as she rolls over and repeatedly prods his cheeks. Between the two of them, it'd always been a nightmare to wake him up, hence her doing so while waiting for his alarm to sound. The alarm doesn't really do its job anyway, what with his snores often drowning out the blare of whatever song he'd chosen to wake him.

"Jay. Psst. Jacob. Up-ay ake-way." Hayley used Pig Latin far too often, claiming that it's one of the three languages she could hold a decent conversation in. Jacob, on the other hand, begged to differ, often flicking her forehead every time she calls it a language. Needless to say, their opinions on Pig Latin were two major points of contention between the duo. Due to this, any and all wake up calls spoken in Pig Latin worked at least 10% (figure pending as Hayley only made up the percentage) more than normal wake up calls did.

And as usual, it works. Jacob groans as his eyes open, and he shoots her a glare; one that makes her chuckle. It was difficult to reconcile the messy-haired Jacob with the polished and perfect front he put up in front of others, and Hayley relished it; relished being the only one to see perfect, parents'-dream-son-in-law Jacob Dyer as a mess, whether it be due to her teasing touches or the way her nails often left scratches upon his back.

"Hayley, you know I hate it when you do that." He swats her finger away as another chuckle leaves her lips, but her quiet laugh gets cut off when he leans over to kiss her, and she shoves at his chest, the pretense of annoyance clear in the way she rolls her eyes before kissing back.

Ah, routine. There's nothing in the world she wouldn't trade to be able to stay like this; to always have the comfort of her friend nearby. But alas, they were going to be seniors once summer ended, and the uncertainty of the future looms in the horizon.

This wasn't the time for her to be concerned about that, however. Not when he deepens the kiss and pulls her closer, only for her to pull away as the familiar smell of the breakfast buffet wafts into his room.

Whoever claimed that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach was wrong, especially since Hayley was clearly a girl.

"You know, sometimes I think you only have sex with me for the food on the morning after," Jacob murmurs, pressing a kiss to the hickey he'd left on her shoulder.

"If it was, I wouldn't bother fucking you," Hayley shoots back, getting off the bed and grabbing the shirt he'd worn last night. "I'm wearing this." No need for her to ask him for permission, especially since she'd already tugged it over her head. One of the perks of the decidedly large height difference between the two was that any of his shirts looked like a dress on her.

"Aren't you just begging to be fucked again." She hears his words, as she always does (then again, he never did make much of an effort to keep quiet), and she could only roll her eyes once more. He rarely, if ever, got to fuck her. Oh no, he was the one under her, almost always whining for her to hurry up and let him cum.

"You and I both know you're the one who begs to be fucked." She quips back, not missing a beat as she tugs her dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail. Jacob only offers her a smirk as he leaves his bed and saunters into the connecting bathroom. It takes him all of five minutes before he comes out, dressed in a new shirt and a pair of shorts. She squints at the shirt, before a small grin tugs her lips upwards.

"It's the one you gave me," he confirms, a similar grin playing on his lips as he slings an arm around her shoulders. "Now, shall we get breakfast, milady?" He doesn't let her reply; the arm not around her moves down to scoop her up so he could carry her bridal style. Hayley lets out a yelp before she starts to laugh.

And as he carries her to the dining room, the two of them talk. It wasn't much, just small talk, mundane little topics that neither of them were normally interested in. And though she didn't count out loud, Hayley knows that he knows she was counting the number of heartbeats until they get to the food. They'd done this often enough for that to be the routine.

"G'morning, Mrs. Dyer!" She waves to the ebony-haired woman at the head of the table before she hops out of her friend's arms, a brilliant grin on her face. And, as usual, she ignores Jacob's quiet grunt of protest in favor of sliding into her usual seat. A quick glance around shows that his father wasn't around, a small blessing that she'd forever be grateful for.

"Lovely morning to you too, Hayley." Where Clara Dyer was more than happy that her son finally had a friend (despite them being friends with benefits), Byron Dyer looked down on the relationship his son had with the girl living next door. Whether it had something to do with his father's traditional views on everything remained a mystery, one that Hayley wasn't too keen on unravelling.

"Morning, Mom." Jacob takes his seat next to his blonde best friend after he gives his mother the customary good morning kiss on the cheek, and he starts piling food onto his plate as both females eat their meals in silence. Well, Hayley was scarfing the waffles down in between gulps of orange juice while his mom gives them a knowing smile, prompting a blush to taint his face.

Said blush went unnoticed by the girl seated next to him, but her gobbling didn't slip past his notice.

"Oi," he chides, tapping her knee underneath the table. "Don't eat too fast, you'll choke." She could only give him a bored glance, swallowing the masticated breakfast food before replying.

"Wouldn't be the first time I choked."

"I don't know how to do the Heimlich." At this, she sighs, eating her food at a much slower pace than before. He nods in approval, reaching over to pat her head much like one would do to a beloved pet. This action doesn't go unnoticed, and Hayley swats his hand away, a petulant pout on her lips.

Neither of them noticed the Dyer matriarch leaving the room, but when she does, Hayley smirks as she trails her free hand up and down his thigh. As expected, he tenses up under her touch, but that doesn't stop her from leaning over to press kisses against his neck.

"Lee," he whispers her nickname between clenched teeth, "don't do this. Not here." She looks up, arching an eyebrow at him as she moves away.

"Not like we haven't fucked here before, right?" And as he did with her, she doesn't give him the chance to reply, standing up and sashaying her way out of the room before she skips down the hallway to his bedroom. Meanwhile, Jacob glares down at his plate and the little problem in his shorts, mentally cursing the blonde all the while.

Two years. They'd been friends with benefits for two years, and yet she still has this effect on him. Amazing what being in love with your fuck buddy will do to you.

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