1 Episode 1: Who are you?

NOTE: the names in this story other than the bts members are random people. jennie is NOT jennie from bp. i chose random names and i somehow picked jennie. and also, the others name might match another kpop idols name but it is NOT them. also the ages of the idols i mention a not the ages in the ff. and if i say smth that doesn't make sense, it makes sense in the ff lol. thank you~~


Hi, my name is Kim Y/N. I'm 17 years old and living by myself. I go to school and i'm nothing special. I only have a few friends, but only 1 is really close to me. Her name is Jennie. She's the sweetest person i've met and you can't find a better best friend than her. Though she acts like my mom sometimes... but that's why we are best friends. She still cares about me. She's one of the main reasons i haven't left school yet. Anyway... now that you have got to know me, this is my story.




Y/N: "Ugh... what is this.. stupid alarm.."

(10 minutes later)


Y/N: "Freaking- WAIT ITS MONDAY"

I scream and get up. Jennie was going to kill me! I take a quick shower and change into some comfortable clothes. I grab my stuff for classes and head out. I make it to my car and then realize... I forgot my keys!!

Y/N: "Omg... today is gonna be the day I die."

I run inside and grab my keys and quickly run out again.

(At School)

Jennie: "Y/N!!l"

Y/N: "Ah... hey Jennie.."

I say quietly.

Jennie: "What the hell!? I waited for you for so long.. do you not know how hot it is nowadays!?"

She yells.

Y/N: "Sorry.. I slept past my alarm."

Jennie: "Heh, sometimes i wish i lived with you so you could wake up early. But.."

I cut her off

Y/N: "Yeah, I know, boyfriend."

Yes, Jennie has a boyfriend. It's not I don't like him but.. He's too overprotective. I can't do anything about that though, she loves him and I can't stop that. I've even met him a few times but... he just gives off weird vibes.

Jennie: "Sorry, kitten.."

Y/N: "Its fine.. hey shouldn't we get to class?"

Jennie: "Oh sh.. yeah we should get going."

I grab her wrist and drag her to class, the one we share.

We get to our pretty loud class and walk to our seat while talking. It's pretty normal. The teacher wasn't there yet and we were sorta confused. We didn't talk about it but i knew we both were suspicious of it. We ignore it and continue talking. In the middle of our conversation, the door bursts open and everyone goes silent in fear. But when we saw it was only the teacher, we calmed down a bit.

Teacher: "Good morning class. Today i have some news."

She started explaining that there will be a new student coming in today. She said he would come in a few minutes.

Girl 1: "Who do you think it will be?"

Girl 2: "How am i supposed to know, didn't the teacher say he?"

Girl 1: "Wait yea she did, omg i hope he's cute!"

Girl 3: "All you think about their looks. Bet he can't beat MY boyfriend."

Jennie: "Woah a new student?!"

Y/N: "Why does everyone looks so excited for? Isn't this just a new student?"

Jennie: "Y/N, honey, we haven't had a new student in FOREVER. Of course everybody would be exited. Especially the girls. The teacher DID say 'he' after all."

Suddenly the door opened and a tall guy walks in heading to where the teacher was. I wasn't paying attention until the teacher spoke.

Teacher: "Ok guys, this is our new student. His name is Kim Namjoon. Please treat him nicely."

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I snap my head up as i hear the name.


He looks up at me with wide eyes.

Namjoon: "Y/N?!"


Thank you for reading chapter 1 of my first fanfiction. it's kinda bad since it's my first. Just an FYI, i'm writing another FF about hwang hyunjin, but it's a work in process. oh and, to be continued ;)