1 Princess Kathrina of The Kingdom Alvania

Once upon a time, there was once a beautiful princess with smooth wood-colored hair and a sparkling smile that could light up the whole country, named Kathrina, whose heart is known as the kindest in the Kingdom of Alvania. Her mother died after she was born, only enjoying a few numbers of years with her husband. Her mother's only request before she was born was to give her daughter a joyful and satisfying life, and for her to have a wonderful husband that will take care of her future family. She never had the chance to have siblings, which made her lonely in her earlier life, and independent later on.

On her 18th birthday, her father gave her the grandest celebration she will never forget. She was smiling from ear to ear all night. She was happy and cheerful. Later that night, her father came to talk to her about how she felt living her life as a princess after all the years that have passed.

He slowly walked towards her with a soft expression on his face, "Daughter, do you feel okay?", he said as he sat beside her.

"Of course, father. I am very happy for the effort you gave to make my 18th birthday this special! I appreciate it with all my heart.", she stated, giving her father the sincerest smile.

Her father nodded and continued, "Then, may I ask if you have any plans for tomorrow?"

The princess's face was suddenly painted with confusion, "Why? Is there something to do tomorrow?"

"Yes dear, tomorrow... it's your mother's death anniversary, we both know we'll never forget about that.", the king rubbed her back and smiled, "Giving you the idea of: Isn't it time to finally make her wishes come true?"

"Father, I am happy."

Her father's smile vanished and was altered with a worried look, "How about the other?"

Kathrina was never a foolish girl. She quickly understood what her father meant with those words, and she doesn't want to acknowledge any of it.

"It's too soon, my father, you know that.", she tried to reason.

"Yes, but there are only a few years for me to spare in this world. I need someone to rule this kingdom, I need you, but I cannot also afford to watch you carry all the burden of the kingdom. You need someone to help you.", he explained.

The words that exited her father's mouth flashed too many memories on her mind. She understood what her father meant, but on the other hand, she can't. She was still too young, she should be out in the woods exploring and just being free, she can't marry a man yet. But remembering her mother's wishes, she knew she had to accept it and continue the conversation. Her mother died for her, she owes her everything, she won't let her down.

"Father, I can't marry someone with this age. Second of all, I never tried interacting with someone out of the kingdom.", she tried to reason again, but her father already knew what to do.

"Which is why I picked someone inside of the kingdom."

That caught Kathrina's guard off. She was panicking as she carefully said, "You already picked someone? When did you? And without even consulting me? As far as I can guess, I don't even know the man you picked!"

The king tried to calm her down, "I am sorry, my daughter, but he's the most fitting man for you to marry. He came up to me last week and confessed his feelings he has for you. He is willing to rule the kingdom. You've heard of him, Leonnardo Willer, one of Alvania's greatest warriors. He was really-- Kathrina! Where are you going?!"

The king stood up after she was cut off by her daughter bursting out of the room. Those pieces of information given by her father were too much to bear for her birthday. She doesn't want to hear anything about those things yet, so she ran away and proceeded to walk through the most dangerous forest in Alvania. No one dares to go there except for brave warriors who are completing their quests, or servants who are ordered to head there and yet, Kathrina was there, sitting on the ground near a small tree and laying her head comfortably on it, as she soon fell asleep.

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