1 Hello, My First Love

Hello, I am a stranger to you now but I was the only one whom you loved as your partner. I wished to have a lover who would love me until I die. Little did I know that the first person I loved and dated would remain as my first love forever. If I knew that earlier then maybe I would have chosen a guy who would not leave me and instead of calling him my first love I would be calling him my husband.

(20 years ago)

This is the only day that I remember so vividly as if I am still living it. Today I woke up early and did all the chores of my house just like my mother used to do. I even reached school on time. The bell rang and our maths teacher entered .Along with him came a boy named Fransco Zico, the new transfer student in our class. That moment I just stared at him .He walked towards me and sat in the sit infront of me. The class ended and sir went out. He turned back to me just like the main lead of a drama. "Your name please", he asked me. I am Hori Jonas (I said in a shy way). "Ohh, nice name" Fransco said. I couldn't even reply back to him. I was thinking what should I say in reply but then the bell rang. I started to pack my bag in hurry I don't know why πŸ™„ but I felt my breath being shortened. I could bearly hear or breath in that room. "Ohh I will be late", I said and ran as fast as I could. I did not even bother to look back.I directly went to my house and laid in my bed. "What should I do tomorrow? How will I face him? What should I say? How will I stop my heart beat?" these all questions were in my head. I was just 16 years old back then. Now, when I think about that I feel like it was just normal and natural for teens around my age to feel like that. I thought I was big enough to fall in love and do all the things that my elder sister did. But now I feel like everything I did and said were all childish. The heart beat that never stopped was secretly telling me that I am not matured enough for everything.I was just in the process of getting matured. Just like that I was already seeing a dream of you and me.