1 awakening

I awoke in a shallow grave having to dig myself out of the ground covered in blood sweat and dirt wondering what happend to me. You see i was fine up until about 2 seconds ago when i was playing basketball with my friends the last thing i remember is tripping and landing wrong on my neck then waking up here although i dont really know where here is. I was shaken up but i understood that i need to find out where i am if im gonna survive considering i have a massive gash along my thigh and a stab wound in my stomach yes it hurts like hell and yes i have no idea how they got there i began moving towards a man made path in the forest knowing that there must be a town or at least a house somewhere nearby i cleaned my wounds in a small river to reduce the chance of infection and yes it made the pain much worse. I was walking for about an hour when i finally came across a bridge leading to a small town and now that i notice it something feels off about the trees they dont seem quite right there moving in akward angles like they are calling to me i begin hearing faint whispers and barefeet hitting dirt when i realise ive been walking towards the trees but i couldnt feel myself moving thats when i notice the trees arent near the treeline anymore its as if someone just ripped them out of the ground and moved them closer thats when i hear a voice calling out to me.

unknown: "hey dumbass you do know thats a spriggan"

i heard the voice but couldnt respond it was like i was stuck in place.

unknown: "ahh for gods sake another one got through mara can you go get james"

mara: "ok ill be as quick as i can"

as i heard this i collapsed feeling the faint warmness of liquid on my chest upon looking down i see a treebranch stuck in my lower ribcage and promptley fainted