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Just a Little Foodie


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"Oh f*ck, I added too much salt! I'll just scoop some out, no one will notice." *** "I have to confess something. I have never eaten dragon fruit before. Do I just squeeze it out or something?" *** "The f*ck is this? I've never seen this witchcraft before! Wait, WHY THE F*CK IS IT MOVING!?" *** "Let's get one thing straight, I'm sh*t at cooking, so don't expect me to whip out a dragon steak topped off with an 9th Tier herb or whatever." *** "Are you gonna eat it or what?" --------------------- Just a little foodie struggling to cook in these weird dimensions and conditions, but she can never pass off some good food. -------------------- WARNING: This has some cursing as well as Yuri in it, so if you aren't okay with it, you can just click off. This is a fluffy story, food comes first, love comes second. I'm a beginner, so please tell my faults! This is also a causal project, so there is no schedule. 1v1, no harem, just fluff. Enjoy!


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