Jungle Lady and the City DudeJungle Lady and the City Dude

Jungle Lady and the City Dude

by Jurpat

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2 brothers. Rich and affluent vampires. Both fell for the same girl, except she is a child of mother earth with powers and strength which makes her a force to be reckoned with. Ace and Hadwin Wagner met Astrid when she saved Hadwin's from an accident. Set in a fictional city of Anubia, with lush forests and city intertwined to form a prosperous country. A modern city where both humans and vampires live in relative harmony until a mutation threatens to ripple the balance. Will both brother still fight for the very person who could be their death or turn it into their saviour? Whom will Astrid choose? A snippet of the novel as below: Astrid drank the warm lemon honey water and stared at his chest again. She could not help herself but ask, `The words on your chest. What does it mean?’ `Show me?’ Ace smirked. Astrid knew what he was doing, and she played along. Her fingers trailed to the Japanese words and stopped there. `Zephyr belongs to me.’ He muttered. `And this?’, Astrid spoke softly, her fingers moving to the opposite direction. `Divine, precious lady. Time for action now’. He grabbed her fingers and started kissing each, starting from the base to their tips, maintaining his eye contact with her. It was so sensual and stimulating, his soft lips kissing as if her fingers were her lips. Astrid felt butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Her left hand unconsciously, touch his face and he leaned on her hands, she mustered enough courage to prevent her mind from going into an overdrive of sentiments, and uttered `I need to pee’. Ace chuckled and smooched her cheek. The image belong to Avatar the Last Airbender.

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