1 The beginning

Professor MA are you sure we should let him attend what if he attacks the students ?

Then I will take full responsibility I love him like he's my son ! a

Ok professor well we just need to do afue more check ups then get him in the regression.

No just get him into class we don't need him killing another student

The first day of school practicle combat for insects

hey who's he ?

Idk I didn't see him at registration, did you?

no. wonder what insect he is ?

I'ma go talk to him

suchan wait !

hey I'm suchan I'm new here?

when ??? turned around class saw his face and nobody said a word filled with fear suchan couldn't move

???- don't touch me*the figure had said with a hors but monsterous voice *

*suchan fell backword * sorry I didn't mean to bother you

suchan ran back to his friends who conferd him but it was clear to everyone that he was no mere insect but he was the very definition of a predator.

class when on as usual but everyone was beginning to gain curiosity they were suspicious filled with fear most of them began to realize that they've never seen him only his face but it was hard to see . suchan and his freainds began to research and dig in to the mysterious kid name Fang they found nothing this person was a ghost unknown to them he was hidden for a reason . One day they followed him home but something was wrong he was going under the school but huijin assured them that there was no rooms underneath the school but they followed them anyway but after after minutes they say hi. go into a cave turning the cave they see what looked like a den , and a water hole.

what the heck he isn't a animal why is nest letting him live like this?* she wisperd * I don't know but I can't see I don't have dragonfly vision let's get a closer look. ok

afue minutes latter for the first time they see him fully for the first time but what they also so was

a boy with a scorpion tall spider legs lifting him of the ground , his closed his eyes but then as he opened them they saw scales surround his face and the wire part of his eye turned black the coler part turning red as he opened his mouth they say giant snake fangs they say his hands grow sharper finger nails looking as if they were claws .

they were terrified they then heard talking and hid behind rocks what they say next would scar them they saw a par of students get dang into the cave by a mysterious girl with a wasp stinger eat up darling she said she tossed them into the cave he then preceded to kill and eat the students merceryles he then crawled over to the mysterious girl and kissed her then jumped up and latched onto the top of the cave the girl closely followed the girl fang and disappeared into the darkens.

suchan and his freainds then took there leave they were terrified

The next day when saw him they all had flash backs to what they say the night before who was that girl what is fang who is fang They wanted no they needed to know so they made a unanimous disision suchan walked over to him and started to talk to him

suchan- fang can I talk to you outside for a bit

fang what ever sure if you go away faster if I do


while outside....

suchan - fang I saw you last night eat those people

fang- I know

suchan-then why your not boy ur a sadistic monster.

fangs eyes grind more snake like and slowly charged at suchan as he turn into the beast he was .he then clamped suchan to the while using his spider like arm and roared reviling his pincers and fangs that filled his moi in droves

he then felt a prick on the neck and lost consensus waking up in his den like cave sleeping next to him the mysterious girl looki Around he noticed the entrance was sealed and he went back to sleep losing hope .

In class suchan- pov

what was that professor?

that wants bug ?

I almost died?

he's. a monster?

ok ok I guess you would find out eventually so instead of combat training I will teach you what are the true extents of jungle juice and the first lesson is on the Transcorpienteen the most dangerous thing there is and you are all luck meet it on the battlefield and u r dead ....

But I'll tell you most of you pet shop the ones who have Been trying to make insect humans well he is a product of that during a raid there lab underneath the pendomoince zoo broke there lab shaders and worst of all snakes and insects and arthropods such as spiders and snakes broke loose but he was strapped to a table unable to leave and escape he was traped as the experimental jungle juice was released and this is the only type of it's kind the DNA of a snake scorpion spider and 3 others that we can't identity was combined after he wasn't human only one person is known to be able to subdue and be safe around him this woman has a wasps stinger she works for pet shop we believe that in the mist of. the accident she went back and tried to save him combined withe the prototype of jungle juice the made there minds contorted and there are now linked he is only calm due to a deal we made if we don't go after her she will make sure he isn't crazy this was the only way to ensure our safety he dose have a brother named Levi he's a also the only other one exposed to the prototype jungle juice he's combined with a viper and base the lower half of a snake he's know as the serpinteen but fang we found out unlike u and me and sadly his brother he is the only one know to man to be 87% other spiceas and only thirty present human he displays animal like tendices and has to to eat meant to survive he was branded a monster with out the mysterious girl keeping him again he would be animal like and act on instinct the only thing that keeps him considered human is his brain is in tack

suchan- so what , what dose that have to do with him being a monster

it means that the way he acts when he's using his instincts and when that girl isn't controlling him bus the real him the one that want to kill the one that acts on instinct thats the real him as only 13% of him is human 87% Is that if an animal meaning

huijin- 87 percent of his brain is also that of an animal

professor - sadly that correct , *sigh* class dismissed and tomorrow we will learn about the affect it has on his mind this will not only help you with yourself but insects have been known to show animal like behavior so I will teach you how to deal with it.