Jungkook The Alpha Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Jungkook The Alpha


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Jungkook is the maknae of the world dominating band BTS. Apart from being the music icon he is, he is a werewolf, the secrets which are still kept apart from the whole wide world. He was a strong, masculine, powerful, intimidating man. The alpha of the crescent moon pack. One of the very few and yet largest pack in the northern region. What happens when he meets his mate, the luna of the pack. Who is not an easy hold but a strong, outgoing, determinant girl who refuses to give in the werewolf life. The struggle they go through for love and the things they do for love. HEY EVERYONE, THIS IS MY FIRST STORY. I'M UP FOR CONSTRUCTIVE CRTISICM, DO HELP ME GO FURTHER..


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