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Jumpers of Time


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Jumpers to time is a VRMMO where the players travel into specific parts of the history of ANY country. Olden greek times where myths and legends roamed, pharaohs ruled with an iron fist, Mongolians built their empire, or even during the civil wars. You can choose a timeline. However, you cannot leave the timeline you have chosen unless you delete your character or it happens to be a bi-annual event or one of the special events. Each player can only have one character, and their gender will be set according to what the scans have recorded, with your looks getting altered by 30% Watch as Kuroe ends up exploring the history of each country and the secrets of the game while dealing with one particular problem of his own. Our protagonist yelled out in anger and unwillingness~ "Why the HELL did my avatar turn a hot woman!?" P.s. i don't own the picture so if the owner wants it down just lemme know~


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