Julius Titan: The Chosen One (Temp. Dropped)
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Julius Titan: The Chosen One (Temp. Dropped)


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What is Julius Titan: The Chosen One (Temp. Dropped)

Read Julius Titan: The Chosen One (Temp. Dropped) novel written by the author Leelah_Nyeswah on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


READ THE FREAKING SYNOPSIS IT HAS SOME IMPORTANT INFO AT THE BOTTOM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Julius Titan was a normal boy who mother died while giving birth. So he lived with his father up until age 4 when they got seperated during a tornado. Julius lived in a closed factory with only two friends that would care for him. Samuel Amirate' and Joshua Yuogi. Julius is very Ambitious, Courageous, and Stubborn. He is brown skin with Black hair and blonde tips on his hair. He is 6'3 and is fit. He has a unusual birth mark on his hand. He has a scar on his eye from the tornado. He is convinced to find his father again. And he is very creative but independent. He thinks he needs no help and that he can care for himself but Josh and Samuel still stick around. Julius is special but he just doesn't know it yet. He had black eyes that some people said when you look into you feel pain. Julius always goes on money walks. Which was a walk that he would beg for money and take a walk too. Most of the time people wouldn't give him money when he begged. But on a lucky day he would get $25 dollars to survive on. He would also run into these bullies everytime. He would escape most of the time or Samuel and Josh would be there to defend him. The names of the bullies were Daniel who was the big guy. Gabe was the leader of the group. And the two twins Tim and Tom who was mouthy and exceptional fighters. Julius had a lot of medical problems like he had ADHD so he couldn't stay in one place for long. He was color blind so he always got colors mixed up. He had a cool ones though like unbreakable bone mutation which made his bones way more dense then the normal human. But the excessive bone growth causes pressure on the vranial nerves and the brain. And you might get hearing loss. He also had Super-sleeper mutation which made him not need 8 hours of sleep. He also had the super- sprinter variant. Which explained his Athleticism and body. For only a 14 year old. Join Him on his Journey to find himself and travel to a whole new world of excitement and adventure with s sprinkle of comedy. Enjoy reading boys and girls. Remember Read on!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT THINGS FOR READER TO KNOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism, and Gods and Goddesses Tags: Uses Profanity, Describe graphic scenes, and Sex In book. DON'T READ IF YOU NOT MATURE. I am just a kid who loves writing. So what that means is that the book will have grammar errors and sometimes AMAZING GRAMMAR. I AM NOT PERFECT. I don't really care for your opinion of my novel just putting that out there. Even though I love my supporters I don't care what they think about my book. Just because I came out here to write books and not impress people. Just wanted to say I am Christian even though I make up my own made-up gods and goddesses. And my own mythology. It's not relevant but yeah. And last thing I am busy with school so I will post every 2-3 weeks because I have homework and I am constantly busy. I have the most time during weekends and nights. Sometimes I might post twice in a single week that's because I am free or I am feeling it. SO YEAH THAT IS ALL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own the cover or many characters in the story I will most likely change the name a little and some features but still yeah. EMAIL: leelah0413@gmail.com. Just email me if any problems with copyright


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