4 Chapter 4- Sukuna’s Vessel and meeting Megumi

'So boring' I said yawning.

Turned out I had already been seen by a sorcerer who either attends or works at jujutsu high and everyone has knew of my return.

'I forgot what I was gonna do once I got back. I wonder if Maki had gotten stronger over the year. I also heard their may be some new first years enrolling I should meet them when the time comes' I thought as I walked throughout Sendai City( Main City).

Soon night falls, earlier before I had left school grounds I was told that the school I had passed by, a special grade cursed object appeared so I stupidly waited till nighttime to go see for myself.

'What a dumb choice that was, I could've just gotten it over with before wandering around town' I say to myself.

An hour later I arrive at the school and feel cursed spirits.

'There is more then one, but they are no more then grade 4 curses maybe low grade 3. All in all they are weak' I thought as I continue walking.

I take my time as no one should be at school at a time like this but I then feel cursed energy from a jujutsu sorcerer. A small snake appears on my arm and I command it to go check what's happening in the school.

'I want to take my time, so I hope that jujutsu sorcerer isn't to weak and dies from the curse' I thought

A little more time goes by and I finally arrived inside the school. I'm on either the second or third floor, I didn't really keep count.

When I turn a corner I see a boy with black hair and a boy with pink hair. Both are either 15 or 16 from the looks. The boy with the black hair has on a jujutsu high uniform, so I'm guessing he was the one sent here to pick up the cursed object.

The other boy possessed cursed energy or at least that's what it felt like, may have gotten some off the cursed object.

As I was observing the two, I see a cursed spirits hand coming through the roof as the two showed the cursed object which was a old finger.

I was going to save the two but the boy with the black hair had pushed the pink haired boy who was carrying what looked like his classmates and had gotten grabbed as by the cursed spirit who had come all the way through.

"FUSHIGURO" the pink haired boy screamed

"His name is Fushiguro, same as ours" I recalled what sensei had said his son name was or at least his family name which is the same as ours.

'We'll this is surprising, who would have thought he would enroll into jujutsu high, but how is he this weak?' I questioned myself as the curse threw him at a wall, before rushing him sending him through the wall as they landed on a roof.

I continue to watch to see how it plays out and the pink haired boy put his classmates down before rushing out the whole in the wall and hitting the curse.

'What strength, he has strength similar to sensei but nowhere close' I thought smiling a little. 'I'm gonna sit here and watch how this plays out, if they end up dying that's just to bad, especially sensei's son, how could he be this weak' I thought as I sat at the edge of the whole in the wall gaining a first row seat.

I watch as the boy hits the curse but then get hit back as he lands on the ground and sensei's son tells him that curse spirits can only be exorcised by another curse.

I laugh a little at his lack of information, the pink haired boy ask sensei's son why is the curse after the finger and he answers with.

"It want to eat it, so it can have stronger cursed energy." What happened next surprised me as the pink haired boy just straight up are the finger.

I got up at this as marks suddenly appear on the boy and he swings his arm obliterating the curse.

'What a boost in power, no wonder the cursed spirit wanted to get its hands on it' I thought as I watch the boy talk crazy and snout how women and children are spawning like maggots.

'What a change in personality, it's like he became a whole different person…wait that was one of Sukuna's fingers. Ahh no wonder it seems he became Sukuna's Vessel. So that's Sukuna, he seems weak, maybe if he had all of his fingers maybe' I thought.

As Sukuna was speaking about a massacre, one of the bodies arms grab its own neck. It seems Sukuna can't control the body fully.

'Oh he wants to exorcise him, but he couldn't even beat the cursed spirit from a while ago. How does he expect to exorcise the so called King of Curses' I thought as sensei's son confronts the curse.

I choose to make my appearance,but as soon as I appear so does Gojo as if he was waiting for me to show myself.

"Yo, Gojo how's it going" I say putting my hand up

"Yo Tai, I heard you had came back from your journey. I was busy so couldn't meet you and you have gotten stronger I see"

"Of course, I wouldn't leave and come back the same as before. I also heard Yuta had went overseas, I wonder how strong he's gotten this past year"

"Gojo sensei, who is this?" sensei's son asked

"I'm, Taishoku. Taishoku Fushiguro" I say proudly

"YOUR BROTHER" Gojo yelled happily

"Brother? I have no brother or at least not that I know of"

"What is your name? Calling you Fushiguro doesn't seem right" I said in a disappointing voice

"Megumi Fushiguro" he answered

"Ok Megumi, you are gonna be my little brother from now on, but you are way to weak compared to me and sensei. Train hard" I said patting his shoulder.

"Oh and you pink hair what's your name?" I asked while pointing at pink hair

"Yuji Itadori" he answered happily

"He ate the cursed object" Megumi said to Gojo

"Really" Gojo said getting extremely close to Yuji's face.

'Weird' I thought watching the interaction

"Can you let Sukuna out?" Gojo asked Yuji

"Yea but-" Yuji couldn't finish

"Don't worry I'm crazy strong, and it's only for 10 seconds" and like he said for the next 10 seconds Gojo toyed with Sukuna.

'I still feel like that wasn't enough, he should have all his fingers to see how truly powerful you are' I thought

Gojo then put his index and middle finger on Yuji's forehead knocking him out. I tube out everything else as it was irrelevant.

Soon Gojo and Megumi leaves. I stay as I procrastinate on how I could enjoy this year more then the last.

'It seems lots of things are going to happen this year. More fun fir me I guess' I thought while finally leaving the school.

-The next day-

After the altercation, it turned out the higher-ups wanted Yuji to be executed. Of course since Megumi wanted him to live Gojo suspended his death until all of Sukuna fingers were eaten by him.

Yuji also meet with the principal of Jujutsu High and was later enrolled. I also found out that there were only 2 first years enrolling, but because of Yuji now there were 3.

For the rest of the day I just trained. I trained with mostly weapons since I've been focusing more on using my fist which I'm already a master in hand to hand combat, but sensei also taught me to use my legs and weapons so shouldn't lack in those departments.

-The next day-

I heard that Gojo had took Megumi and Yuji to meet their last classmate and went on a mission to test her ability.

I didn't really care after all they aren't my priority, so I just went around town looking fit cursed spirits…I didn't find any strong ones so I left the weak ones alone.

'I really want to fight something, maybe I should have fought Sukuna at that time to test how strong I am' I thought while walking back to Jujutsu High.

'Maybe I should go on another journey? No, everything seems to have started now and I don't want to miss out on this sweet opportunity' I thought finally arriving on campus.

I go train again as I have nothing to do.

"I'm so bored"

I say out loud to no one.


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