3 Chapter 3- War

Everyone at jujutsu high was going about their day getting ready for the war to come as earlier that day war was declared on them.

Suddenly they all become alert as they feel cursed spirits and lots of them. Taishoku had gotten excited and had a blood lusting smile on his face.

"It has started" he said happily as he waltzed out of his room.

[Taishoku pov]

As I continue running, I feel an earthquake or what felt like one. As I finally leave the building my room resides in, I come across thousands of curses and kill them continuously as they continue to come.

I jump high in the sky, at least above the school and see Yuta and the cursed spirit he uses fighting Geto. What surprised me a little was that Yuta's cursed spirit gave him a megaphone with Toge Inumaki's cursed marks on the side and he uses it to make the curses that Geto sent towards him disappear.

'Wow, he has a ability similar as mine. How's is that possible…oh his cursed energy' I thought as I remembered an ability or technique I gained a year ago.

-One year ago-

In the dark of night you could see Taishoku chasing two cursed spirits that looked similar to humans.

'These are two special grade curses…nice I can use my full strength once again' I thought to myself

I then speed up and throw a punch full of my cursed energy at one of the curses sending it flying before it knew it. I threw another at the other curse and it was able to block it as it was aware of my presence, but it still was sent flying and crashed into a nearby building same as the other one.

'I haven't had this much fun in a while' I thought as a battle crazed smiled formed on my face as I speed up even more making seem as if I teleported appearing in front of the curse I hit first.

I imbue my fist in another coat of cursed energy and was about to deliver a punch, but before I could hit the cursed my hand disappeared as if it was chopped off.

Confused I stop myself and jump back to observe what just happened. The cursed spirit had released all of its cursed energy making the everything around it disintegrate.

"Hahahaha, look at this. You had this technique all along and only used it now. You are looking down upon me you damned cursed spirit" I laugh as I use reverse technique to heal my hand.

Yes I leaned this back when sensei had gotten a jujutsu sorcerer to teach me how to use my cursed energy. I then unleash my technique and thousand of snakes rushes towards the cursed spirit wrapping around its body and biting it as they start absorbing its cursed energy.

I also learned another technique but it was when I was enrolled into jujutsu high, It was a technique called black flash. Black Flash is a distortion in space that occurs when cursed energy is applied within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. When a sorcerer is able to achieve this, their cursed energy flashes black, and the destructive power of their strike is equal to a normal hit to the power of 2.5.

I then focus on this technique and rush towards the curse and right before my first connected, I activated black flash and my fist finally connects making black lightning with red outline like cursed energy release from my fist.

The whole upper body of the cursed spirit had been obliterated. I had unleashed my cursed energy after my fist had connected and notice that the same thing happened when the curse had unleashed its cursed energy, everything in a small area around me had disintegrated.

'So this is what sensei meant by my name meaning devour. Hehe, nice'

-End of flashback-

'Ever since that night, I found out that I could copy or take cursed techniques of curses and jujutsu sorcerers but that was the only one I ever took as none of the others I have been across interested me' I thought as I finally go back down and continue fighting the cursed spirits.

I suddenly feel a familiar curse energy coming from where Yuta was fighting after killing most of the cursed spirits leaving only about three more and rush over there.

I arrive and see a small black portal like thing appear beside and my eyes widen in shock at what came out.

'Isn't that the curse spirit sensei used to store his weapons? How does he have it? Why does he have it? Does that mean Gojo isn't the one who killed him? Does that mean this man killed him?" Many questions went through my mind and I had no answers to them.

'I guess I'll have to get the answers from him' I thought and a snake had appeared whole opening it's mouth wide.

'I wanted to remember sensei by something else besides him beating me almost to death and taking me in, so I got some weapons and stored them inside one of my snakes' I thought as I took out dual kusarigami.

They were all black in color with cream color bandages on the handles for grip and a long chain connected between the two.

I then dash towards Geto as he and Yuta took a fighting stance with their weapons in hand and slash towards him surprising him and Yuta as it was if I appeared out of nowhere.

He managed to block it as I took a step back abs took my own stance.

"Taishoku Fushiguro, it seems you didn't go with you fellow classmates and teachers to the actual war grounds" Geto said with a smirk

"Yeah, I wasn't going to go with them anyways they would've hindered me as they are to weak to even fight beside me" I said

"Before we fight, I wonder how do have my sensei's cursed spirit that he used and you even have one of his many weapons" I questioned him

"We'll, after Gojo had killed him, I-" he couldn't finish

"So Gojo killed hon after all, well no need to continue this. I thought you may have killed sensei so I was going to fight you and see how strong I have grown compared to sensei but it seems I have overestimated you. I can guess from all the cursed spirits you summoned how you've come to posses that curse" I voiced my opinion

"And I should have guessed as much since you are having a hard time beating Yuta" as I finished I started walking off

"You know, if I was to guess I would say you are from the legendary Orochi clan" I heard Geto say and stopped walking

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Exactly as I said, you have the same eyes that they are rumored to have and the little black snake that you just brought out when you walked off tells me all I need to know" Geto answered

"Haha, thanks for the information. I will search for more answers when I feel the need or when I want to, but now you two have to get back to your fight. Good luck to both of you" I say as I continued my walk off

After another hour or two went by everything had been resolved and Geto had been defeated by the power of love.

'Damn if only he was stronger, I would've fought him and may have had a bit of fun, but how could you struggle to fight a first year and lose. Disappointing" was all I could think after hearing that Geto was defeated and they way he was defeated.

After thinking for a long time, I finally made a choice that I would no longer be at this school. It was boring just sitting all day waiting to be called for a mission, so I choose to roam the world and battle jujutsu sorcerers and exorcise cursed spirits.

-One Year Later-

After one year of roaming the world and getting stronger, I had returned home after exorcising thousands of cursed spirits.

On my journey I heard something about a curse, the strongest if you will, his name was Ryomen Sukuna or the King of Curses.

He was once the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of his time or what was called the golden era of jujutsu which existed over 1,000 years ago.

He was thought to be a demon but was actually a human who possessed strength that only demons could possess.

After his death he was reborn as a cursed spirit with 4 arms and 6 eyes and was even stronger then his human self.

He then divided his power amongst his 20 fingers making then invincible where even Gojo couldn't even leave a scratch on them let alone destroy them.

'I wonder whose stronger Sukuna or Gojo' I thought as I pass by a large school.

'They say his finger resides in this school, I guess I'll come back after visiting jujutsu high.'

'This year may bring me my long lost fun' I thought with a smile

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