2 Chapter 2 - Yuta Okkotsu

"So this is where my journey really begins"

'I said that to myself 2 years ago' Taishoku thought to himself

'No wonder sensei always went out and killed sorcerers…we'll it was for money but he was bored that's why he kept doing it huh'.

'But that one white haired man named Gojo Satoru, it seems he's the one who killed sensei. I'll ask him to spare with me one day even though he's always busy'

Finishing up his thought Taishoku leaves out of his room and starts to walk around the school. He was surprisingly the only person to enroll 2 years ago so he was practically alone unless he was called for a mission.

As he walks through a hallway he suddenly feels a immense amount of cursed energy being released, but what caught his attention was that it was from a cursed spirit and not a sorcerer.

A crazed smile appears on Taishoku's usually stoic and cold face. He then takes on a full sprint position before disappearing from his position leaving footprints behind as he runs.

He soon arrives in the first years hallway and into a classroom with 5 people inside. The one he focused on was the timid looking boy that was close to the chalk board on the wall of the classroom.

Taishoku arrived just as the cursed spirit releasing the massive amount of cursed energy arms appeared coming out of the board and grabbing a spear stuck inside the board.

The arm looked as if it was about to grab one of the students so he rushed inside feeling a thrill for the battle to come.

He was a little late as the hands of the spirit hit all three students at the same time, but he then kicked the forearm sending it flying off.

Gojo who watched the whole thing was a little surprised by the sudden appearance of Taishoku but quickly assessed what happened and went to stop the confrontation.

"I apologize for the misunderstanding" Taishoku said bowing a bit. "I felt a immeasurable amount of cursed energy that wasn't yours" he said pointing at Gojo, "and guess I got a little excited" he said with a awkward smile.

"No it's all fine" Gojo answered

"So these are the first years I've heard about, and you are the one that just came in today" voiced Taishoku looking at the students.

One was a talking panda or what I was informed was a cursed corpse made by the principal, the next one was a girl named Maki Zen'in from the Zen'in clan. She has a tall athletic build, small golden eyes and long dark green hair also wearing a pair of glasses. She may be from the Zen'in clan but just like sensei she possesses no cursed energy.

The third one was a boy named Toge Inunaki from the Inumaki clan. A slim build with brown eyes and mid length strait hair. He inherited the rare cursed speech from his clan making it where he can't speak normally.

And then there's him, Taishoku looked at Gojo. The man himself, named the strongest jujutsu sorcerer Gojo Satoru. He isn't a first year he's a teacher here or whatever his occupation is. Similar to the Inumaki and Zen'in, he's from the famed Gojo clan, he also posses the six eyes.

"Hey, who are you anyway" Maki asked

He then looks at Maki analyzing that she really doesn't have any cursed energy just like Toji.

"I'm Taishoku. Taishoku Fushiguro" He said with a smile.

Gojo who heard this went wide eyed for a second even though he had a white cloth over his eyes. Remembering the request from the man he killed after his enlightenment.

"In 2 or 3 years my kid is gonna get sold to the Zen'in clan…Do whatever you want" was Toji's last words.

'He never said he had two kids…so where did he turn up from' Gojo thought to himself

"I can feel you watching me" Taishoku said looking back at Gojo. "Something on your mind?" He asked him.

"Nope, just going through my memories" Gojo said with a smile

"Hey, Gojo right. I have something to ask you but not here or now some things are meant to be kept private" Taishoku said walking off but not before looking at Yuta.

'He's the one with the cursed spirit' He said to himself

"Sure thing" Gojo answered waving off Taishoku and getting a small wave back.

'He speaks as of his cursed energy isn't compatible to Yuta's and he may have more' Hojo thought.

"So who exactly was he?" Maki asked

"As he said Taishuko Fushiguro. The famed 2 year who gained special grade rank as soon as he enrolled. He's the most powerful student at this academy" Gojo answered

"We'll back to what we were discussing" Gojo said before anyone could say anything else.

"Damn, I'm bored again" Taishoku thought to himself as he walked back towards his room.

[A couple of days later][Taishoku POV]

'Guess I'll go do more missions and train" I thought to myself as I woke up

I then my morning routine, showering, brushing my teeth and putting on my school uniform which looks to similar to what Gojo wears which is also the school uniform.

I then leave my room and walk around the school for a bit, I see the first years training and decide to join them.

"Yo" I say greeting them. "I'm gonna train with you guys today" I say

"You are welcome to, we are about to start our laps" Yuta says

"Hey, how cone we never sense you coming?" Maki asked

"You are to weak" I said coldly as I see them freeze up a little

"Sorry, force of habit. How about we get to those laps" I say

"Y-yea" Maki answers as they all get into sprinting formation.

"GO" The panda yells

Taishoku after hearing this starts sprinting but not at full speed, not wanting to finish to quickly.

They all decided to do 20 laps with Taishoku finishing first, Maki finishing second and Toge close behind and Yuta finishing dead last.

After a little more exercises Gojo came to talk to with Yuta.

"I heard you and Yuta went on your first mission, how was it?" I asked Maki

"Not to good, but we are alive so all the better" She answered

"Right" I said before starting some push ups. Soon Yuta came back with a bokken and asked Maki for a spare.

They start their and at first Maki went on the offer since with Yuta on defense. Gojo disturbed the fight and Yuta got hit and Maki to him to focus.

After focusing Yuta goes on the offensive and gets 2 openings from Maki but misses his chance with both. The first he went on he right side she was wide open but she jumped dodging the hit.

The next one was while she was in the air he was gonna hit her before she touch the ground but she dodge yet again by getting as low as possible on the ground and tripping Yuta.

Panda interrupts the spar by calling over Yuta and asking him something and the saying Maki has a shot and they get into a argument.

Gojo then gives Yuta and Inumaki another mission. I decide that I want to spare but with who is the question.

"Yo, you two fight me" I say challenging the two

"Ok, I've wanted to spar for a while now seeing as you are supposedly the most strongest student at this academy" Maki said. "Panda I'll fight alone" she said in a ordering tone.

"You sure?" Panda asked, only to receive a glare. "Whatever" Panda said sitting on the stairs nearby

"Where's your weapon?" Maki asked

"Here" I said lifting both my fist before dashing towards her surprising her a bit.

I don't go full speed as it would be no fun. I throw a punch and she blocks it but gets pushed back by the power behind my punch.

She then runs towards me and swings her bo staff towards me. I parry it to the right and palm her in the stomach. She spits saliva out while being pushed back by my palm strike and falls to the ground.

"Nice, you are strong but you lack the strength you need. Keep training and maybe our next spar will last longer" I said as I start to walk off.

"Wait" Maki said as she held her stomach while standing on her feet.

She runs towards me again but without her bo staff. She swings her fist but I just catch it.

"You know, now that you are closer I could really see your beauty. Sensei did tell me to find a girl I could be with, but I like strong women" I stated before letting her fist go.

"What are you talking about" Maki angrily said

"I'm saying I'm interested in you, but become stronger" I said walking off

"The hell does that even mean" Maki said before fainting

"PANDA, Maki fainted come get her" I yelled to panda.

I then start to walk in the opposite direction of the two going on a random direction. I soon arrive somewhere I don't know and just lay down.

"It's so boring, something needs to happen, not even special grade cursed are appearing" I said out load ti no one in particular.

"Hey, that's creepy how you just follow me" I said looking to the right and Gojo walks out of the shadows.

"You wanted to talk about something, I've been busy do I haven't been able to speak, I'm free now" He said

"Yea, did you perhaps kill me sensei?" I got straight to the point

"And who is your sensei" he asked

"You should know him, I saw how you reacted when I first introduced myself to the first years. But to rock your memory he wore a worm like cursed spirit to store his weapon. You know it he seared it around his torso like a sash and his famous scar on his lip" I said while watching Gojo closely to see his reaction and surprisingly he didn't react, but a smile appeared in his face.

"I remember now, he was the man with no cursed energy at all and the one who made my enlightenment possible. I thank your sensei for his sacrifice" Gojo said

"You know, I want to fight you but right now isn't the time, you went through enlightenment to beat my sensei right? We'll I guess I'll do the same, so until then don't die" I said before getting up and walking towards the building my room resides in.

"I won't" Gojo replied


The next couple of days went by and nothing interesting happened, but I did get to fight a special grade cursed spirit that suddenly appeared but it was to weak so maybe a special grade 1.

Other then that nothing else happened… Oh right Maki requested another spar but of course I won easily. She has potential but like I want she needs an enlightenment.

I'm still tryna figure out how would I experience an enlightenment that makes me powerful enough to face Gojo. I thought it would be a life threatening fight but ever since sensei died I haven't been able to experience and life threatening battles.

*Knock* *Knock*

'That's not normal' I thought to myself as no one ever knocks on my door

I open then door and someone irrelevant stood in front of my door.

"The principal is asking for all first and special grade sorcerers to come now, it seems someone has invaded the school grounds" the man said

"Finally something fun to do" I said as I stepped out of the room.

I sense cursed spirits and Gojo going towards them. I sense another cursed energy from someone I don't know but I'm guessing that person is who invaded.

I go full speed disappearing from my spot, yet again leaving footprints behind as I run. I don't get to excited this time as I might be let down again.

Arriving just as Maki points her spear at a man who had his hands around Yuta, greatly confusing me as to who the enemy is.

But the Yuta knocks the man's hand off of his shoulder and says he doesn't know what going on but the man seemed to insult his friends and he didn't want to be apart of what ever the man has going on.

"Taishoku you have arrived" the principal says

"Who is the enemy?" I ask

Principal Yaga points at the man who Yuta was talking to and the giant bird cursed spirit. Principal Yaga Masamichi is tall man with short black hair that was shaved at the side of his head, a mustache goatee combination, and wore dark sunglasses.

"We'll if it isn't Toji Fushiguro's pupil" The man said surprising me as no one should have known that

Everyone who knew Toji Fushiguro or by the name he was born with Toji Zen'in looked at me with shocked eyes besides Gojo.

"So you haven't told anyone yet and it seems Gojo knew" the man said

"Hahahaha, how could you have known that?" I questioned

"I have my informers" he answered

"Why are you here Geto" Gojo asked. You could hear the little anger he held in his voice

"I've come to declare war" Geto answered

(If you watched Jujutsu Kaisen: 0. You possibly may remember what Geto said, I don't feel like putting all he said so I'm gonna skip to when he was leaving)

"I'll take my leave" Geto said walking towards the big bird

"You think we'll just let you leave" Gojo said

"I have my cursed right on your students sure you wanna do that" Geto said as cursed spirits appeared surrounding the first years.

Geto they gets on his bird and leaves. Leaving us with these at least semi-grade 1 curses.

"So are we going to do war?" I asked a little excited but keeping my calm face

"Of course" Gojo said before everyone started going back to their quarters.

I see Maki put her head down before walking away with an angry look, I follow close behind.

"What do you want" she said angrily as she pointed her spear at me.

"Hey, hey, just cool it, I seem you were angry so I came to check on you" I said raising my hands. "I'm guessing that man said something you didn't like" I stated

She looked at me for a couple of seconds angrily before moving the spear from in front of my face.

"It's nothing" she said walking off

"We'll if you say so, but just so you know you don't have to have cursed energy to be strong, I know from experience" I say before walking off as she freezes up.

"Why does he talk like he knows the feeling" I heard her mutter as I continued walking

"It seems a war is coming" I finished with a large smile on my face. "I can't wait"


Hope you enjoyed.

I want him to have an enlightenment but not now but when canon starts, he'll be like Yuta as he will just go around hunting curses and other things and will just be called when needed.

Also give me ideas on who or what he should fight to be enlightened. It could be an oc or a canon character.

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