1 Chapter 1: World of Magic

Hello, my name is Soren Yakut, I was 14 years old when I was drafted into what the world calls The Beginning after The End, it was a World War in which every Nation went to war with each other. Ultimately, the Nation's destroyed each other to the point where populations dropped to around 10,000 people, but they all died due to famine or radiation left over from the bomb sites. The world was now an empty husk with no life on it, that was, until a God descended onto Earth and revived everything, people had come back from the dead left and right including me, God then spoke to all of us and stated that we got a second chance at life, and if we waste it on another war it would be over for the Human race. God then created 50 cities with the lift of his hand and migrated us to them filling them with life, God then went on to explain that Earth was dull and needed excitement, he then gave us Magic, but we needed to find out how to use it on our own, God then left us to experiment and regroup with friends and family. Then over the course of a couple months, the main groups who experimented with Magic were the "Weebs" and "NEETS" of the population, next were the Military, then the citizens, but what we slowly found out was that not everyone could use Magic, it was actually around 80% of the population that could not use Magic, and about a year later the Government created a machine that could test if someone had the Aptitude for Magic, and this revolutionized the Military as they could train Magicians to fight for them instead of regular citizens. The Government then spent the next year creating Rankings that identified Citizens and Mages, the Ranks were relatively simple with E being a Citizen with no magic while S being a Top ranked Mage, the Government even made special schools to train Magicians, they called it Mage-High. Once I turned 16, I started my normal High School life only for it to end on the first day, all the students were tested for a Magic Aptitude Level, and out of 8,000 students only 80 had the Aptitude for Magic including me, the 80 of us were then given a slip of paper with our Level before we were sent with some Military personal to our new destination being Mage-High.

"Slip… Class A1… Next!" A man in a Military Uniform spoke to one of the 80 students that were pulled from Soren's High School. Soren was starting to think about what would happen if he didn't meet the requirements for this school, would they send him back to his old school? And as Soren thought about this a man in a Military Uniform shouted at him. "I said NEXT!" Soren was snapped out of his daydream by the man's loud voice, Soren then spoke up "Oh, right! Sorry" before he ran up to the small desk that the man in a Military Uniform was sitting at, and handed him his slip of paper. The man took the slip of paper from Soren while giving him a once over before reading the paper.

Soren was a well proportioned young man around 182cm with shoulder length Black hair with bangs that were swept over his right eye giving him an Emo look. Soren had Red eyes and pale White skin, one might even mistake Soren for a Vampire if they were real, Soren attire consisted of a Red hoodie with Black skinny jeans, and a pair of limited edition Red Jordans. "You are a Punk aren't you" the man with the Military Uniform spoke while looking at Soren's slip. "No Sir, I am no Punk" Soren reassured the man. "Good… We don't need Punk's here, and you barely qualify to be here… Class D3… Next!" the Military man told Soren.

Soren then took his slip of paper back along with a Class schedule that gave him directions to Class D3. Soren walked for about 15 minutes through the halls of Mage-High until he arrived before a door with the sign that said Class D3 above it, Soren then opened the door and entered the room. What greeted Soren inside was a group of 20 students who all looked to be Punk's or Thugs, but what caught Soren's attention the most was a Girl who sat in the corner of the room, She had Long Blonde hair that reached down to her butt, she had a beautiful pair of Emerald Green eyes that Soren felt reflected the whole world. The girl's attire consisted of a Tan wool long sleeve shirt with a White button up shirt underneath that had the collar protruding out the neck of the Tan shirt. She wore a Black school girl skirt along with Black stockings and Black high-heel boots, Soren knew her as the neighbor girl when everyone was moved into their new houses, if Soren was correct, her name was Serina, and her parents died before the war started due to a terrorist bombing, Soren then finished surveying the room before heading up to sit next to Serina.

"Hey neighbor… I didn't know you were here" Soren tried to spark up a conversation. "Do I know you?" Serina spoke out in a cold tone. Soren felt that was her tactic to get guys to leave her alone, so he decided to look forwards and wait for the teacher to enter the room. Soon a boy with Red and Black spiky hair entered the room with facial piercings all over his face, 2 in his lip, 1 over his left eyebrow, and he had gages in his ears, his eyes were an Obsidian color, while his attire consisted of a typical Punk's biker jacket over a Black short sleeve shirt with a skull and crossbones, the punk had a pair of Black jeans with rips in the knees, while a chain hung from his back left pocket to his front left pocket. The Punk had a pair of Black biker boots that reached up to his shin, Soren felt he was the typical thug type who would cause trouble, and what solidified this theory was when the Punk looked towards Soren's direction, more accurately towards Serina, he then had a lewd smile appear on his face as he ignored everyone else and rushed over to my desk.

"Move it Dick Much!... I like this seat" The Punk said to Soren while looking at Serina with the same lecherous gaze as he had when he entered the room. "And who are you?" Soren asked the Punk while standing his own ground and not getting up from his seat. The Punk saw Soren refuse to leave and clenched his fist before raising it to Soren and shouting "My name's Jake… And I suggest moving out of my seat so I can sit next to my Girlfriend before I break your legs" Jake said with confidence.

"Wow, so there are idiots even here" Soren said to himself, but loud enough so that Jake could hear. "What did you say small fry?... I'll have you know, I can use Magic already" Jake said while opening his palm and showing Soren a flame as it danced in the center of Jakes palm. "Oh? So you think you are bad because you are a human lighter?" Soren rebutted Jake with a burn that made the whole class break out into laughter. "Your dead Shit Eater!" Jake was about to punch Soren when Serina got up and shouted "Leave him alone Asshole!" and when Jake heard her, he stopped. "Are you going to give me something in return?" Jake said with a slight grin on his ugly face.

"What do you want?" Serina asked, while surprising not only Jake and Soren, but everyone else in the class as well. "I'll take, eating you out in the bathroom" Jake said with a lewd grin with a bit of drool fall down the left side of his face. "No, you can eat a fist instead" Soren shot up before Serina could say anything knocking Jake in the jaw and sending him across the room. "Thank you… Soren was it?" Serina asked with uncertainty. "Yes, I'm your neighbor" Soren assured her with a smile. Serina then gave a small chuckle before hiding her face in the book she had on the desk, it was also at this time that the teacher of the class entered and saw Jake unconscious on the floor.

"Come on now… I'm not here for 5 minutes, and you already killed someone" the teacher said jokingly before walking over to Jake and conjuring some water and letting it fall onto Jake's face waking him up. "Who dares piss on me!" Jake shouted before realizing it was just water, and it was the teacher who did it. "So you are awake now?... Good, find a seat" the teacher said before walking back to his desk. Jake got up off the floor and found an empty seat, the teacher then began to take a piece of chalk out of his bag and write his name on the board.

"Good Morning students… My name is Mr. Yakuza… And no, I am not part of the Yakuza gangs, it's just my name" Mr. Yakuza jokingly said to lighten the mood of everyone present. "So… Since today is the first day, I will tell you the schedule planned… In a brief moment, we will all go down to the Auditorium to pick up your school Uniforms… And from there, we will start SpellCraft Theory, then go on to SpellCraft Basics… Any questions?" Mr. Yakuza then looked for the hands of anyone with a question. "You, in the back, next to the window… What's your question?" Mr. Yakuza pointed to Soren who had his hand raised.

"Yes… What does class ranking have to do with our Magic Aptitude Level?" Soren asked. "Great question! And to answer your question, all students are graded on a Numerical scale 0-10 being a normal citizen, while 11-20 is what most of you guys in D Class have… It just goes higher from there, but you don't need to know as you are here in D Class… Anything else?" Mr. Yakuza answered Soren while asking if there were any other questions. "Yes… Why would Normal Humans still have a number above 0?" Soren asked one more question. "You're full of questions… I like it… And to answer your question… When God descended and recreated the life on this planet and revived the people who died due to "The Beginning after The End" everything had a bit of Magic infused into it, even the newly revived people, but due to how little Magic they have Magic is out of their grasp, and sometimes it's so little that the machine shows 0 in its place… Does that answer your question?" Mr. Yakuza asked if Soren was satisfied.

"Yes… I have no more questions, thank you" Soren responded to Mr. Yakuza's question. "Okay! Now… Let's all head down the the Auditorium to pick up your Uniforms" Mr. Yakuza then led the class of 20 people down to the Auditorium to pick up their Uniforms. As Soren and his class passed by other Students, they could see that some students wore a Red Blazer with the schools crest on the left breast pocket and a Black handkerchief in the right breast pocket with a Black button up dress shirt underneath, and wore Black dress pants with Black Dress shoes. Soren then continued and saw some other people with Green, Blue, Or Purple Blazers with the same Black dress shirt and pants, with Black dress shoes.

"Why are students wearing different color blazers?" Soren thought to himself. Soon Soren and his class entered the Auditorium and saw 5 lines formed with signs that stated what Class Letter they were. "S, A, B, C, D… They are assigning different Blazers to the different Classes" Soren said to himself. Mr. Yakuza then led his class over to the D Class line and had them line up, Soren could tell that D Class was the minority of the school due to how few their numbers were. "Next!" the staff facility in charge of handing out D Class Uniforms called as Soren walked up to receive his Uniform. Soren then walked out of the line to find an open changing room, once he found one he entered and began to look at his new Uniform. The Uniform was a White Blazer with the School Crest stitched into the left breast pocket, while the right breast pocket had a Black Handkerchief in it, Soren then put on the Black button up dress shirt and put the Blazer on over it leaving it unbuttoned and open to show off the Black dress shirt and wasn't fully buttoned either showing off his collar bone. Soren then put on the Black dress pants and dress shoes before collecting his old clothes and putting them into a plastic bag that the school handed out, Soren then left the room and collected another 5 sets of dress shirts and pants before leaving back to class.

Soren passed by a bunch of people while heading back to class and found out that the students who wore the Purple Blazers were the S Class students, While Red were the A Class, Blue were the B Class and Green were the C Class students, while White was D Class, the lowest Magic Aptitude Level students. Soren opened the door to his classroom and entered, he was then greeted by Serina who was wearing her Uniform but instead of Black dress pants, it was a Black dress skirt that was cut off a little lower than half of her thighs. "Hello Serina… You look beautiful" Soren complemented Serina. "R-really?... You look good too" Serina said as she tried to hide her blushing face, Soren just took the complement and began to sit back down in his seat, followed by Serina who sat down next to him.

After 45 minutes, all the students were back in class with their new Uniforms. All the men began to oogle the only 3 girls in the class while they didn't dare look towards Serina as that was now unofficially Soren's girl. "Welcome back students!... Now, let's start SpellCraft Theory" Mr. Yakuza stated as he began to write on the chalkboard once more, this time it said (SpellCraft Theory). "Does anyone know how SpellCraft came about?" Mr. Yakuza asked the class, but nobody raised their hands. "Shame… I will tell you then… SpellCraft was given access to use by God, but that was just opening the gates. We still needed to find our way into the house, So our Great Sages took all the information gained from reading stupid things like Anime, Manga, and Novels, and created Spell's..." Mr. Yakuza explained how some of the first spells were created. Soren then sat through an hour long lecture before Mr. Yakuza moved on to teaching the basics to the students.

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"Now… Does anyone know how to make your Mana flow through your body?" Mr. Yakuza asked while scanning the room, his eyes then landed on Jake who sat back while not paying attention to the lecture. "You! Do you know how to make your Mana flow?" Mr. Yakuza singled out Jake for his Punk-like Attitude. "Make Mana flow?... Are you stupid? I can perform Magic already" Jake said while ignoring Mr. Yakuza. "Oh? Then please come up and show the class your greatness" Mr. Yakuza then baited Jake to come up and show off. Jake then scoffed before he got out of his seat and made his way to the front while being cocky he said "Watch and learn you weak Shit Munchers" Jake then placed his palm out and lit a small flame. "...HAHAHAHA… Are you shitting me!?" Mr. Yakuza began to laugh his ass off before falling over. "T-that little flame won't even light my cigarettes" Mr. Yakuza began to talk shit about Jake's pathetically weak flame, and while blowing on it, the flame was put out.

"Go sit down Jackass… Pay attention, and you might be able to improve that little lighter of yours" Mr. Yakuza then sent Jake back to his seat pouting about how easy it was to be blown out. "Now… Mana, it circulates throughout our bodies, but we need to direct it to use Magic… Those with little to no Mana might find it extremely hard to make your Mana flow… Jake was actually decent, but I wanted to knock him down a peg so he didn't feel like top shit here" Mr. Yakuza explained. "See!... I knew I was a badass!" Jake shouted while his mood was picked up. "Shut it Jake… Now, close your eyes and search for the mystical power that lies within… And once you feel it, picture it flowing like a river. Feel how it flows, think of it like a stream, and then put yourself into that stream… Then you must become a fish who tries to swim against the current, make that current follow the direction you want to go, don't let it lead you, you lead it!" Mr. Yakuza explained it the best he could as some students began to sweat.

Soren was feeling like a small fish in not just a river or stream, but in an ocean that was trying to lead him. Soren felt that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't make the waters flow in the direction he wanted to go, instead Soren felt like he was in a whirlpool that was dragging him into the depths of the ocean, and as he tried to resist the pull it began to pull him in with a stronger force. As Soren was about to give up and open his eyes, he heard a deep low voice that had an echo, it was calling him, speaking to him, and telling him "Don't resist the pull" Soren didn't see any harm in listening to the voice and let go. Soren then felt his conscious be dragged into the trenches of the Ocean as his vision soon became blurred and dark, Soren was now in a dark space with a moist ground beneath him, he couldn't see anything at all, Soren then heard a voice like the one that called to him earlier speak. "Young Chosen one who can speak to the Mana" the voice spoke making Soren turn, but because it was still dark he couldn't see anything and shouted "Where am I?... Who are you?... Where are you?" Soren wanted answers. "You are in your Mana Pool, and I am the embodiment of Mana, I am Eternal and Immortal, you who has the same name as my Creator will inherit Destiny… Rise and accept my legacy" the voice spoke to Soren in a commanding tone, Soren just stood there and was contemplating on whether to trust this voice, he then asked "Will I be able to protect those I love and care for?" The voice said "Yes… And more"