12 Cinnabar Island

After reaching the seaport he boards the ship heading to Cinnabar Island with his bike because he could not afford to leave it here so that someone else could take care of it, the ship was filled with many people and pokemon alike soon Julian got bored as nothing of interest fell in his eyes he went inside the ship into a room to rest a little, there was also a telephone inside his room so he called Professor Oak

Oak "Julian how are you doing"

Julian "I am fine Professor Oak, I was heading to Cinnabar Island"

Oak "Cinnabar Island? why are you heading there?"

Julian takes out the Dome fossil and shows it to Professor Oak, seeing the fossil professor Oak jumps off of his seat and stick he face on the screen

Oak "Is that a rare Pokemon fossil"

Julian "You are right its a dome fossil and if I am correct it's from a pokemon called Kabuto, so I am going to Cinnabar Island to resurrect it, I heard that they can resurrect ancient fossils there"

Oak "You are indeed right Cinnabar Island has one of best minds in the field of pokemon research, even one of my students work there, I will inform him about you, he may be of help"

Julian "Thank you, Professor"

Oak "It's not a problem and Gary will be starting his journey next week till then you will be able to reach Cinnabar Island"

Julian "Ok then give my regards to Gary"

The screen switches off and he lays down on the bed

Julian "It's going to be a very long week" and he proceeds to doze off.

One week passes and Julian is bored but luckily he has just arrived at Cinnabar Island he wastes no time as he directly heads towards the Pokemon research facility when he arrives there he is greeted by a man wearing a white lab coat and brown hair.

Julian "Hello you must be Professor Oak's student that he mentioned?"

Oak's Student "Yes that is me, My name is Tad, Professor Oak said to me that you will be arriving here and you brought even a fossil to be resurrected"

Julian "Yes, so can we go and do it right now?"

Tad "Yes, yes I am also very excited too, come let's go inside as I show you around"

Julian goes inside and sees many Pokemons being observed by scientists and running some experiments on them which were not harmful, the pokemons looked very happy here as there were many places suitable for their growth here as they look around they finally come in front of a steel door.

Tad "Come in this is the main workshop where all the main lab equipment and the machine for the resurrection is placed"

Julian walks inside and sees a huge room with many different types of machines and many scientists operating in them.

Tad "Come this way this is where the resurrection machine is placed"

He brings Julian in front of a machine which looked like the upper half was a glass capsule and the lower half had wires which connected to a small platform.

Julian "So this is the machine which can resurrect a fossil"

Tad "Yes, so why don't you take out your fossil so that we can start it right away"

Julian takes out the Dome fossil from his pouch and gives it to Tad, Tad carefully takes the fossil and place it on the small platform, seeing this some of the scientists where attracted and came over to help as not many fossils come as they see it only ones or twice a year and even that is very rare, as the machine does the process of extracting and copying the DNA the scientist watch and observe the process

Tad "Julian this will take a day to be completely resurrected so why don't you go and explore the town"

When Julian was about to just leave Tad's assistant came running and handed him a report, seeing the report he frowned, seeing this Julian became curious

Julian "What happened Professor Tad?"

Tad hesitated for a second and then said "The volcanos in the Island has been rising in temperature but there are no signs of the eruption and we can't find a logical explanation for this"

Hearing this Julian thought of going and checking out the volcanos and train Chimchar there as it will be helpful and may even help him evolve

Julian "Ah, so that's the reason, I will be going Professor Tad, I will come by tomorrow"

As Julian was walking towards the volcano to check it out he was interrupted by a man wearing a sunglasses and long beard, Julian knew this man was Blaine the gym leader of the Cinnabar gym.

Blaine "What do people thick is Hot and cool at the same time?"

Listening to his question Julian gets dumbstruck and then he suddenly remembers that this man in front of him loves to give riddles to random pokemon trainers

Julian simply gives some random answer as he was still thinking about the volcanos he said "Volcano"

Blaine "Oh you are correct, you are a sharp one young man"

Julian seeing his answer was correct nearly faints 'what the fuck old man of all the things it could be its a fucking volcano' Julian curses in his head

Blaine "I really hate these tourists they have made this peaceful island and commercial market, I really miss the old days where trainers come to battle here"

Julian just stays silent

Blaine "Anyways this is my card visit this place whenever needed"

Julian sees the card and it was a card with an Inn's name seeing this Julian almost blew up 'what the fuck old man first you said you hated tourists now you give me an Inn card, what the fuck is wrong with you' even though these thoughts were going on his head he was as calm as an ice on the outside.

Blaine "Then I will be going," he said and ran of disappearing from the site

Julian just stood there for a second then he put the card in his pocket and headed towards the volcano, after reaching the volcano he brings out Chimchar from his Pokeball, Chimchar comes out and feels his surroundings and feels really good as he observes heat from the surroundings.

Julian "Buddy lets go inside and do some investigation then lets train here"

Chimchar "Chimchaaaarr-charrr" nods his head happily

Julian walks around the volcano then goes inside, he can see lava everywhere inside, if he missteps and fall down he will be roasted in the hot magma after spending almost two hours inside the volcano he couldn't find anything inside the volcano so he was about to leave when he suddenly misstepped on the edge and the edge cracked 'Shit'

As Julian was falling down he quickly grabbed Chimchar and latched onto a ledge as he was hanging he saw a cave and got queries

Julian "Buddy hold on tight," He said and started to move towards the cave by slowly grasping on to the ledges which were sticking out, thanks to him being in the army in his past life he has done training in every aspect which is helpful for survival and wall climbing was one of them, as he reaches the cave he climbs inside and feels the heat coming from inside so he walks inside and after walking for few minutes he sees a big red rock

Julian "It's a magma rock, if a magma rock is here then, shit"

Julian quickly jumps from his place and dodges the fire spin which blew up his previous standing position when Julian sees the Pokemon that attacked his he becomes excited

Julian "Yes a Heatran and it looks like it's still not fully grown, I will definitely catch it, System display its stats to me"


Status- Heatran

level - 15

HP - 90

Attack - 90

Defense - 100

Sp. Atk - 120

Sp. Def - 100

Speed - 70

Move set - ancient power, earth power, fire spin, heat wave, iron head, magma storm


Julian 'what the fuck is that ridiculous stats, well its an ancient pokemon so I cannot complain, the only advantage we have is speed and except Chimchar my other pokemons cannot battle here, ah fuck it'

Julian "Chimchar go"

Julian "Chimchar use close combat" as Heatran having a subclass which is steel he tries to fight it with fighting moves as steel types are vulnerable to fighting type moves and it works the Heatran is pushed back but little damage is done due to its high defense.

After receiving the attack Heatran attack with fire spin

Julian "Chimchar dodge and use close combat again"

This continues for some while and Heatran is getting irritated now he suddenly uses magma storm and it his Chimchar and sends him crashing towards the magma rock

Julian "Chimchar are you ok?"

Julian is worried as Chimchar lies on the floor, but Chimchar slowly stands up but something is different his surrounding starts to get hot as his eyes become red the fire on his butt grows thrice its size as Chimchar being very prideful and hates to lose but he actually got hurt by a fire-based move which he excels in this made him really angry, Julian seeing this is now a little worried but more excited

Julian 'Blaze, that great that's what I need, but first I have to get him under control'

Chimchar in blaze form use fire spin and attacks Heatran send him back, seeing that the situation might get out of control Julian interrupted

Julian "CHIMCHAR" he shouts

Hearing him get called Chimchar turns and sees Julian but turns back again and was ready to attack

Julian "Chimchar if you lose control again I will be really disappointed"

Hearing Julian Chimchar turns back and looks into his eyes after staring each other for some time it looks like Chimchar got himself in control and the blaze is still going, then he looks at Julian and Nods telling him that it's under perfect control.

Suddenly Chimchar starts to glow and gets bigger he grows a tail and his arms become thick as it evolves into Monferno

Julian 'Finally he evolves into an excellent Monferno. system show stats'


Status - Monferno

level - 15

HP - 70

Attack - 100

Defense - 70

Sp. Atk - 120

Sp. Def - 80

Speed - 110

Move set - scratch, seer, ember, taunt, fury swipes, flame wheel, fire spin, close combat, focus punch,

focus blast

Ability-Blaze (unlocked)


Julian 'Great he learned focus punch and focus blast, both being fighting type is very useful'

Julian "Buddy you look great"

Monferno nods his head in agreement.

Heatran again uses fire spin

Julian "Dodge then use close combat" due to him evolving and in the blaze, the attacks are now way heavy and powerful and Heatran is now put in a very vulnerable position

Julian "Monferno send him flying using focus punch with an uppercut" as Monferno takes the stance his right hand glows with power collecting in it and he delivers it straight to the chin of Heatran and sends him flying in the air

Julian "Now finish him of using focus blast" Monferno again takes a stance and concentrates and collects energy in between his had as a yellow ball of energy forms and he sends it rampaging towards Heatran after that followed by a huge boom sound Heatran falls on the ground unable to battle.

Julian quickly throws his Pokeball and captures it and wait in anticipation as the Pokeball shakes left and right and after few seconds the Pokeball stops and makes a sound meaning that it is successfully caught, seeing that he has caught an ancient pokemon he is really excited, Julian walks towards Monferno and hugs him laughing

Julian "Buddy we did it, we caught Heatran and I am very proud of you, you were able to control your self"

Monferno "Monferrrrnoooo" he is very happy and proud of himself as well.

Julian picks up the Heatran Pokeball and brings him out when Heatran comes out he sees Julian smiling at him

Julian "Heatran from today onwards you are part of my team, I will help you grow stronger"

Heatran nods his head agreeing to Julian as even he wants to become strong as it's their nature, he then looks at the magma rock followed by Julian, Julian walks near the magma rock and confirms it is the reason for the increase of temperature of the volcano he picks up his pouch and opens it and face it towards the rock and it sucks it whole, Julian looks at Heatran.

Julian "Let's take the magma rock with us"

Seeing that Julian is going to bring the magma rock along with them he is very happy.

Monferno also greets him and accepts him as part of the team, Julian then returns Monferno and Heatran back to there pokeballs, as of now Monferno has grown used to staying in Pokeball and now was okay with staying inside the Pokeball making it much easier for Julian.

Julian "As of now I have five pokemons, let's get back to the city" and he heads back to the city leaving behind the volcano as it drops to its original temperature.

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