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For every 100 power stones you bestow, I will reward you with a bonus chapter. ............................................... Arthur awoke in the immersive world of Sword Art Online, but his journey took an unexpected turn when he unlocked a proficiency system, granting him unparalleled mastery over skills. With his swordsmanship already at the pinnacle of LV7, Arthur embarked on an adventure where each level-up could grant him abilities from across anime realms. As he navigated through various anime worlds, facing formidable foes like the One-Eyed Owl, Arthur realized he possessed an extraordinary system beyond his wildest dreams. Prepare for a thrilling multi-world odyssey where Sword Art Online meets the fiery intensity of Tokyo Ghoul, seamlessly blending virtual reality and daily life into an unforgettable saga of power, prowess, and peril. ................................ If you want? You get to read the next chapters before anyone else! Just go to pateron get chapters in advance : patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498. Hey everyone, Thanks for checking out this translated novel! Just a heads up, I’ve done a lot of editing on this version. I’ve removed some toxic stuff and made the story more positive overall. I’ve also made some big changes to the story itself. So, if you’re familiar with the original, don’t expect this to be exactly the same. There will be new twists, different character developments, and maybe even a different ending. My aim is to make the story better and more enjoyable for a wider audience. So, while you might recognize the basic plot, expect some surprises along the way. I hope you enjoy this revamped version as much as I enjoyed working on it! Thanks for your support and happy reading! Original Novel:刀剑神域之老子是挂逼

LORD_INDRA_ · Anime & Comics
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28 Chs

Chapter 13 Time skip

In the fleeting passage of time, a month slipped away unnoticed.

During this span, Arthur meticulously mapped out the forest in the northwest direction, leaving no stone unturned. Argos, in turn, increasingly sought his advice on higher-level areas. Yet, despite her persistent requests for assistance, Arthur declined any monetary reward.

In a heartfelt conversation, Argos confided her reasons for seeking such information, prompting Arthur to opt for compiling comprehensive strategy manuals over trivial monetary gains. Though no saint, Arthur found solace in aiding others within his means without jeopardizing his own well-being.

As suspected, Argos labored diligently on creating a detailed guidebook for Aincrad. Despite Arthur's offer of financial assistance, she adamantly refused, feeling uneasy about accepting free information, let alone asking for more. However, she proposed they continue their collaboration, this time with proper compensation attached.

Arthur chuckled wryly, agreeing to Argos's proposition.

Aincrad, a colossal fortress of stone and steel spanning one hundred floors, held mysteries untold. Even after over ten days of exploration, players had barely scratched the surface of the first floor's vastness. Hindered by their own limitations, they had yet to fully unravel its secrets.

Arthur's solitary exploration of the forest's northwest corner was made possible by his formidable strength, allowing him to effortlessly navigate past most monsters and traps on the first floor.

Arthur's prowess with the blade had grown significantly:

**Sword Mastery: LV5**

His mastery had reached such heights that wielding a sword felt like an extension of his own being, every movement executed with the finesse of a seasoned master.

Many of his lower-level sword skills had reached LV4 or LV5:

**Vampiric White Rose: 11/1,000,000 (LV5)**

A skill imbued with the power of the White Rose Star, draining the enemy's life force with each spinning strike.

**Holy Sword Baptism: 2/1,000,000 (LV5)**

A divine skill that dazzles foes with blinding light before delivering a fatal blow.

**Flame Blossom: 8,160/100,000 (LV4)**

A blazingly fast thirteen-hit combo capable of piercing through armor.

**Straight Thrust: 23,541/100,000 (LV4)**

A swift and precise thrust targeting the enemy's weak points.

**Special Skill: Block Counter: 1,540/10,000 (LV3)**

A defensive technique honed through experience, allowing Arthur to deflect enemy attacks and counter with deadly precision.

**Nine-Headed Dragon Flash: 0/100 (LV1)**

A legendary technique known for its lightning-fast nine-hit combo, an unstoppable onslaught from all directions.

The Vampiric White Rose skill had surpassed others due to its synergy with the White Rose Star, becoming Arthur's first lower-level skill to reach LV5. The formidable Block Counter skill had stalled in its progression, as monsters' attacks no longer provided sufficient challenge.

The acquisition of the Nine-Headed Dragon Flash upon reaching LV5 in Sword Mastery took Arthur by surprise. It was a technique reminiscent of the renowned move from the anime and manga "Rurouni Kenshin," renowned for its unparalleled speed and devastating power.

Though eager to put his new skills to the test, Arthur was interrupted by a message from Argos. News had spread of someone discovering the boss room in the labyrinth area.

This discovery was likely the handiwork of beta testers, signaling their readiness to undertake the long-awaited boss raid. Word had spread among regular players, and today marked the day of the crucial strategy meeting.

Arthur couldn't afford to miss this opportunity to meet key characters from the story and witness the legendary Black Swordsman in action. However, he needed to prepare. No longer the novice he once was, the White Rose Star at his waist had greatly enhanced his abilities during this time of exploration and growth.

Necessary precautions dictated that Arthur now often ventured forth cloaked in a hooded cape. Surprisingly enough, the invisibility it afforded him from others' prying eyes lent an undeniable sense of security and comfort.


If you want? You get to read the next chapters before anyone else! Just go to pateron get chapters in advance : patreon.com/THE_TRANSLATOR498