1 Chapter 1 - I will be the greatest

Kai opened his eyes as he heard loud sobs coming from the entrance of the Orphanage. He made his way to the door curious to see what was going on."Where am I suppose to live" asked a small blonde haired boy sobbing on the ground. "I don't care you demon fox get out, I never want to see at my doors again" screamed the matron as she kicked him off the doorstep and he was left rolling across the street. Kai couldn't understand what was going on, "why would the matron kick a kid out of here' he thought as his pale blue eyes took in every detail. This was none other than three year old Kai Ookami self declared future greatest ninja in the world. Kai pulled at the matrons jacket and she looked down angry at first until she saw it was Kai and smiled down at him. "What's wrong little Kai your awake awful early" she said. Kai looked innocently up at her, his eyes full of confusion, "why did you kick him out kaachan? Are you going to kick me out too?"

The matron gasped before enveloping him in her arms "of course not little Kai, your a good boy who I care about very deeply" she said as she let out a sigh. "I didn't want to kick him out and I hate calling him such names he is but an innocent child but it was an order, and what do shinobi do with orders little Kai?" the matron asked. Kai stood up straighter and responded "A shinobi always follows orders". The matron smiled at him warmly and ruffled his hair. "Keep your eyes out for him if you see him in the streets ok? He is but a little child and he could use any help offered." she said. Kai nodded his head and said "Hai" before turning back towards his room to meditate. The matron looked at him fondly as she thought in her head 'Such an innocent child, so young yet so determined to become a shinobi already. Poor Naruto, what is Danzo thinking ordering me to kick him out and treat him like trash. It is not his fault the Kyuubi attacked the village regardless of what the idiotic civilians think.'

Kai returned to his room and started to meditate, the matron had told him meditation was a vital part of becoming a strong ninja and there was nothing Kai wanted more than to be the strongest Shinobi ever. As he sat in the lotus position he tried to find his chakra but it remained elusive of his grasp. Kai knew he needed to find his Chakra to try and awaken it, the matron told him she was a retired shinobi and would often help him when he asked how to become a Shinobi. She told him when he unlocks his chakra to spin it clockwise as chakra travels best in the direction of your hair. Of course the matron would never expect a three year old to be capable of unlocking his chakra on his own so she didn't think twice about instructing him.

As Kai meditated he concentrated on his core where his Chakra should be located and could feel boundless energy lying there but struggled to find a way to access it. After hours of meditation Kai still could't access his chakra and pouted as he made his way downstairs to eat. The matron saw his sour face and smiled at him warmly as she ruffled his hair. Don't worry little Kai I know you will do it one day just keep trying." she said. Kai continued to sulk but nodded his head in acceptance as he spooned the weak soup and rice into his mouth as his mind kept trying to work out why he couldn't do it yet. After the meal Kai made his way out to the streets to walk around the village. Even though Kai walked the streets of Konaha he always enjoyed watching people go on with their daily lives. He could only sigh at the sight of children walking hand in hand with their parents as a longing for a family was deep inside him.'Some day I will have a family and I will be so strong that my children will never have to live without me there to protect them' he swore to himself. As he was walking he saw a small blonde haired kid sitting by himself on a swing. Kai recognized who he was instantly and remember the matron had told him to watch out for him as he was all alone. With that memory in mind he made his way over as he observed all the looks of hatred directed at the boy. Kai felt a surge of anger fill him, 'why would anyone look at a boy his age with so much hate' he thought.

When Kai reached the boy he tapped him on the shoulder and said "hello my name is Kai and I will be the strongest ninja in the world" with a cheerful tone as he smiled at the boy. The blonde haired kid was taken aback that someone would approach him and not give him a look of hatred. "Are you talking to me dattebanyo?" Kai smile grew wider and he responded "who else would I be talking to its only you and me here" he said. The blonde haired kid was confused but welcomed the sight of someone approaching him. "Hi, my name is Naruto Uzumaki and I will be the hokage one day Believe It!" He said.

"It is nice to meet you Naruto want to play ninja? asked Kai. Naruto smiled up at him as tears came to his eyes and agreed. The two boys spent the afternoon playing Ninja, running and jumping around the streets. The ANBU following Naruto looked on with a small smile 'Sensei, your son has made his first friend' he thought as he shunshinned away to report to the Hokage. Arriving at the Hokage office the ANBU appeared in front of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Hokage knowing who the anbu was ordered his guard to leave the room before telling the ANBU to remove his mask. A handsome white haired shinobi appeared under the mask with one eye covered and a face mask covering his mouth. "What happened Kakashi? asked Hiruzen. "It was as you feared Hokage, Naruto has been kicked out of the Orphanage, however it is not all bad it seems he made a friend today." said Kakashi. Hiruzen almost dropped his pipe in shock, "who reached out to Naruto?" He asked. Kakashi went on to inform him it was another kid from the orphanage named Kai Ookami. The third Hokage frowned at the name and asked "are you aware of who his parent's were Kakashi?" Kakashi nodded and said "of course I am they caused shockwaves when the arrived in Konaha seeking refuge, Sensei was extremely excited as he knew of their clans abilities and befriended them early, they would watch our training sometimes."

Hiruzen's face dropped at the thought of the two Shinobi "They were S-Class shinobi Kakashi, they didn't possess the clans Kekkai Tota but were formidable opponents. It was a great loss for the village at their deaths after the Kyuubi attack."

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