1 Chapter 1

Life has many colors and every one has different ways of understanding it ..

But in my life she is the one who gave me chance to see the best colours of life . It all feels like yesterday...27th of jan ,the day i saw her for the 1st time... I don't remember the time but i saw her for the very first time and a bond was born between us,from that day only she is in my mind , eyes, heart nd everything .

From my childhood i just saw her crying for many things .... Then i din't know what's happening with her ...and it took me 13 long years to understand the situations what she is going through .

she is a simple ordinary girl , brought up in a environment where she only know loving , trusting , playing, enjoying .

She was a princess to her parent's .This princess is world to her parents given freedom like a bird to fly and taken care like a glass which they never want to see broken.

Then One Day,

she got married to a person with her dreams so big and heart full of love, building dreams like castle, welcomed him into her life with so much love ,But the angel she thought was a devil in disguise,really made her mad showed her the worst part of life ... Pirincess was like a slave for him , But that never happened cuz she was a wild cat not a pussy who striked back whenever she was mistreated,then thought of leaving that disguised angel but the GOD DAMN society and future of her children made her take the step back. This time god was with her some how managed her self for her kids . Now she has a another dream of seeing her children Leading a beautiful Life.But its been years since i met her..

Everything was flashing in my mind suddenly, Not knowing when i can see her again..

But it all ended between me and her because of that one thing in my life, "I LOST HER" . all the people we know at that time used to say that i was just like her .. but i was not her though sometimes i love my self cuz of her ...my self respect, my attitude, my anger are just the same 🀭🀭🀭


( my present )

⏰"BLEEEEP"..."BLEEEEP"... god its 4:30am ,i need to start my day . Went for my morning walk and was returning back ... suddenly i was lost in thoughts .... i felt something was

going wrong with her , don't know what's that but i suddenly felt like. going to her and see her once...from child hood , when ever i sense something is going to happen with her it always happened..... i opened my mobile , booked 2 tickets to INDIA For the flight that same night.

I was waiting at the airport for him . i took my mobile , thought of dailing him just then he arrived,he was always with me after that incident . He took care of every single thing , never made me feel alone or low . He is an angel sent by god for me .

We boarded our flight , we were offered some champagne ... we took few sips....he slept as he was very tired with his work stress.... i also thought of taking a nap , closed my eyes.

(dreaming about an incident which has already happened in my life )

" Mum stop tikliing.... hahah hahahah [Giggling ], u always make me laugh while sleeping" , "yes, my dear

i'm alive cuz of u and ur brother and i want to see u both happy and successful in your lives ."

suddenly i woke up,peeking through tge window saw the clouds passing , flock of birds and here i am in INDIA , after 4 yrs .

[This is Ruhi and welocome to the "JOURNEY OF HER LIFE".]